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November Mask Maven

It's a gloomy and stormy day here in Portland Oregon but my day quickly turned around with the arrival of the November Mask Maven in my mailbox.

This month contains 9 masks, two wash off and 7 sheet masks. My monthly subscription did not come with an info card because Beauteque is "going green". They did say that the info would be emailed but I still haven't received that email! Once I do receive information, I will update this post accordingly.

To begin I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED to see not one, but two by a company called Nohj.



My Scheming Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask Review

So...awhile back, my local Asian beauty store was having a great sale here on My Scheming sheet masks. I had never tried this brand before so I decided to get a few flavors to try and review. I ended up going back before the sale was over to purchase a few more varieties. I had heard great things about the Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask so I decided to buy a full box. 



COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence Review

Awhile back, after reading rave reviews on the COSRX Snail 96 essence I decided that I wanted to give snails another shot!! Years ago when the snail hype first began, I purchased the Elisha Coy's Snail Cream here but wasn't too impressed with it. But then again, at the time I wasn't having the skin issues I have been dealing with recently! After debating and doing a ton of research,  I did a little birthday haul here which included this essence and I've been using it essence ever since!

What is the product and what does it actually do
Well...where do I start!! This product has become a stable in both my morning and evening skincare routine and I would be lost without it!! Yes, it's that good! The CosRX formula contains 96% snail mucin aka snail slime which is quite an impressive percentage! And btw, no snails are harmed in collecting the slime! 



Jolse Haul

Today's post is of a recent haul from the online store Jolse! To be truly honest, I do not often purchase large hauls because I am more tempted to try everything on my skin all at once! When you have sensitive skin like mine that is a big no no! 

Here is what I got:

One product that has been on my wish list for months now is the Joseon Beauty Cream
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