Whole Foods Beauty Bag + Giveaway!!


This past weekend, Whole Foods released their first ever beauty bag! This release was apart of their "Beauty Week", a celebration of all things beauty related. This beauty bag was limited edition and cost $18 (a $60 value). Each bag contains six deluxe samples plus a $5 coupon for BioSil, a beauty supplement. I was so excited to hear about this beauty bag and I rushed out between working a very busy weekend to grab one of these babies!!

Skin Owl


Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a grand opening event for the new Pharmaca store in Portland Oregon. You can read about my experience here!! While attending the event, I got to meet Annie, the creator and founder of Skin Owl.



At the beginning of February, I was fortune enough to travel down to Los Angeles for work. It was a short but amazing trip to LA and Hollywood and while I was in training meetings for two days straight, I was able to catch up with my two very good friends that live in the area :) 

One friend, Chie, who is also a beauty blogger bought me this starter set from The Detox Market in West Hollywood!! We had decided to do a little Valentine's Day gift exchange and I was so happy that she got me this set from Soapwalla :)

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