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First Impression: Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner


Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly share my first impression on the Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner. I did post a review seen here on my Instagram but for some, I wanted to make a post for those of you who aren't on Insta. Here is my first impression review of the Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner from the brand Natural PacificI have recently incorporated this into my skincare routine using a new skin care method called a "Toner Wash". If you would like more information on what the heck a toner wash is, just keep reading. 

Review: Juara Clove & Turmeric Serum


I am very excited to review Juara's Clove Flower & Turmeric Anti-Aging Serum today. I have been testing this serum for about five, almost six weeks and I must say, I am impressed. While I mostly blog about Korean (or Asian) skincare, I have a soft spot for natural and/or organic skincare. Regardless, I choose skincare products based on ingredients, formulation and whether a particular product will be effective in treating my specific skin care concerns. As with Juara, this serum collected a panel research study regarding the efficacy of this particular product. When I read that after a 4 week period, 87% of women saw an improvement in their skin tone. If you have been following my blog or Instagram, improving skin tone, fading post acne scars and hyper-pigmentation is my biggest concern.

Review: 107 Core Flex Cream Essence


I am very excited to be reviewing the ONEOSEVEN Core Flex Cream Essence for you all. The brand had reached out awhile back and asked if I wanted to test out a few of their products. After researching the brand, I gladly excepted. I tested the Cream Essence not only in the colder, winter months, but in the warmer late spring and early summer. I wanted to offer you all a very detailed post on how this essence worked when my skin was more dry and when it tends to be a bit oily. If you want to hear about my experience just keep reading.

About the Brand:
Before accepting any type of pr or gifted products, I am very thorough and take time to research the brand and products. As you know, ingredients are extremely important but so is the company, how they produce their products and how they give back to the community. The main reasons I wanted to test out this brand is because of their philosophy not only on their products but with outreach and helping to change the world. "Combining the wisdom of our ancestors and modern technology to produce products that can make this world more healthy and beautiful." I also love that the ONEOSEVEN believes in philanthropy and gracious devotes revenue and resources in partnership with UHIC to help make the world a better place for all.

One hundred seven secret formulas began many centuries ago at a vinegar brewery. The company's name is derived from one hundred and seven secret formulas that have been kept for 35 generations to help improve health. Today, 107 combines these traditional secret formulas with modern science to help the skin stay youthful.

The Claim:
This essence claims to provide tightening and brightening effects while deeply moisturizing the skin.

Review: Atopalm Real Barrier Extreme Cream


I am so excited to be reviewing the Atopalm Real Barrier Extreme Cream for you guys. The brand Atopalm has been on my radar for almost a year so I was thrilled when I won this cream! I have read numerous reviews from others out there like me with sensitive skin that found the Atopalm products very effective.

The Claim:
This claims to be a rich cream that offers long lasting moisture benefits that help repair a damage skin barrier. The skin will be moisturized and calm immediately after application. The "Real Barrier" line is exclusive to the US only.

About the brand:
The brand began its journey nearly 20 years ago after research scientist, Dr. Park created a hypoallergenic formula safe enough to use on his newborn son. His son suffered from dry, cracked and painful dermatitis and after years of devote research, Atopalm was born which is consumer line of products to heal and protect even the most sensitive skin.