Curology Update


I wanted to update you all on my progress using Curology! I first did a post regarding my recent battle with hormonal, cystic acne here! Although my progress has been slow, my skin is healing and showing great improvement. I am no longer getting any cystic acne and the skin texture is a lot smoother!

For those of you who do not know about Curology let me tell you! Curology is an online dermatological service! Once you sign up, you will fill out a lengthy questionnaire, upload photos and are assigned a practitioner and they will prescribe a prescription based on your skincare needs! The cost is $19.95 per month and this monthly fee includes your personalized Curology prescription, unlimited refills and unlimited access to your assigned practitioner! You communicate with them on your progress, upload more pictures and together you can change your prescription if needed. My practitioner is amazing! I have sent her tons of messages and she has been patient and very helpful :)

If you use this link here you can get your first month completely free! Yep, free! You can try it risk free for a month!

November Mask Maven


It's a gloomy and stormy day here in Portland Oregon but my day quickly turned around with the arrival of the November Mask Maven in my mailbox!

This month contains 9 masks, two wash off and 7 sheet masks. My monthly subscription did not come with an info card because Beauteque is "going green"! They did say that the info would be emailed but I still haven't received that email! Once I do receive information, I will update this post accordingly.

To begin I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED to see not one, but two by a company called Nohj!!!

My Scheming Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask Review


So...awhile back, my local Asian beauty store was having a great sale here on My Scheming sheet masks. I had never tried this brand before so I decided to get a few flavors to try and review. I ended up going back before the sale was over to purchase a few more varieties. I had heard great things about the Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask so I decided to buy a full box. 

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