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It has been exactly one year since all my skin care trouble began. I thought it would be nice to not only updated you all on my progress but chat about some of my current skin care goals.

To begin, I want to recap this past year. About this time last year, I started to develop cystic acne. It was really out of the blue and I am not sure exactly what trigger the onset but I had never had that bad of acne in my life, even as a teenager. I spent months trying to clear my skin, sought out help from my doctor, tried a handful of medications but nothing I was trying made a whole lot of difference. For those of your who don't read my blog, you can read more about this process here!

Pink Seoul Review + Giveaway


Today I want to post about a giveaway I recently won for a Pink Seoul Plus box on Instagram. Pink Seoul is a new subscription service that launches this month. They have a few box options including a mask box as well as two beauty boxes. This subscription service is a bit different than others out there because you customize your box by your skin type. The Pink Seoul Plus box comes with at least 4 full size products and an accessory item. The above picture shows what came in the Pink Seoul plus box I won which included 5 full size products, four sheet masks, a hair band, and samples. This box retails for $49.95 and is available bi-monthly.

The idea behind this subscription box is not for you to try samples and then buy full size products. The owner, who is super sweet btw believes that you cannot get a true sense of how the product will work for your skin by just using a sample once or twice.

Don't have a Pink Seoul account? Sign up here and and earn $5 off a purchase of $25 with this link!

Already have an account? Use code PDXBEAUTIFUL to save 10% here

Asian Blog Party Interview


This week it is my turn to post in the Asian Beauty Blog Party series! As a group, we thought it would be awesome for our readers to get to know us better and so, without further is my interview with the lovely Sophie, the mastermind behind this entire project! 

What is your background?
I went to University in London and never looked back. I now work in the City and live in central London.
When I’m not reading beauty blogs I’m usually baking! I love to experiment with flavours and decoration. Not always to the best result. Recently made a triple chocolate fudge cake which was more a chocolate slab than a cake…

How did you get into blogging?
I studied history at University and started to really miss writing once I graduated. That combined with wanting to share my new found love of subscription boxes and beauty got me into blogging. There’s a great community out there and I wanted to get involved!

Blogging interests
Asian Beauty is my main interest on the blog. It’s a mix of product reviews, and longer pieces such as my recent Asian Skincare Routine Guide. I like to mix it up and have at least one longer piece a month, with a couple of product reviews. But because I like having a product in my routine for at least 4 weeks before review sometimes it doesn’t work out!
I also blog about the subscription boxes I get, part of my own internal justification to get them is the promise that I’ll use it as blogging material.

Blogging Goals
I just started up MapleTree earlier this year, after blogging with some friends. I would love to build up the awareness of my blog and increase my followers as a wider goal! On a more monthly goal my aim is for at least 4 posts a month. I’m hoping in the longer term to have a blogging schedule in place. But so far I’ve not been that organised.

How much time do you spend blogging? Or how long does your average post take you?
Time spent on social media such as Instagram and facebook is probably at least an hour a day. I think people do underestimate how much work can go into maintaining a blog even when you’re not posting!
On average a product review post, including pics, will take me about 3 hours. My discussion pieces posts can take much longer, usually about 4-6 hours. As I like to do research around pieces it’s not just time spent on the writing, but also on what ingredients are, what are their benefits, where you can purchase etc.

How does blogging fit into your life?
Blogging is very much an evening thing for me after work, or Sunday afternoons when I have time. It’s not related to my job in any sense and I have a few friends who are interested in Asian Beauty but not many. Which is half the reason I started blogging!

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
Well apart from all the other lovely girls who are taking part in the “Asian Beauty Blog Party”, I’m quite a prolific reader. I always try and read the blog posts I see on reddit, though they do vary in quality.
Fanserviced-B, Snow and Fifty Shades of Snail have to be mentioned, great quality in writing and research. I have purchased many a thing off the back of reviews on here.
Kinsengq and MissMakeUpMagpie are two others. There’s probably more! I spend a lot of time jumping through different blogs, getting inspiration and learning more about beauty.
Non-Beauty but I frequent MySubscriptionAddiction and WhichBeautyBoxUK a lot as well! I love seeing what comes in subscription boxes. Helps me stop myself from subscribing to everything!

What got you into Asian Beauty?
It was actually subscription boxes which started my true interest in Asian Beauty. I’ve been to Japan often, and I went to Korea in the Summer of 2014, but never really had the interest in the Beauty side of things. But in Autumn 2014 I started reading about subscription boxes and came across Memebox. What must have been about 100 Memebox reviews later, I am a voracious reader, I was hooked. Sadly Memebox no longer ships to the UK so I had to think about curating for myself. And that’s where I really fell into the rabbit hole of Asian Beauty

What type of Western Brands do you like?
Lush bath bombs are my guilty pleasure. I know that the price makes no sense, and there’s limited benefit, but I just love them too much. I keep it as a weekly treat, or when I’m super stressed out.
I also like Aussie for their hair products, Bobbi Brown for Make Up and the Body Shop.
What type of skin do you have? or what are your skincare goals?
I have combination skin with hormonal acne. My skincare goals are to definitely lessen the appearance of acne and reduce the redness and scarring currently on my skin from past acne horrors.
Do you prefer gels or creams for moisturizers?
I prefer gels for the day and creams at night. During the day I get oily so don’t like the feel of the heavy moisturiser. But at night I really want to pamper my skin.

On an average day, what would be your AM and PM routine?
I have to get into work early so my morning routine is limited to the basis. It’s a quick foam cleanser and tone, followed currently by LJH Tea Tree Essence and Mizon Snail Recovery Gel.
Night is a lot more varied! Depends on how tired I am and what is happening the next day. But in general it’s a double cleanse, tone, sometimes a mask here, actives (BHA daily and AHA on alternate days), tone again, essence, serum, sheet mask and moisturiser! I also use a sleeping pack at night. If I’m with the BF this is much truncated routine without the sheet mask stage.

What is your preferred style of packaging?
I like things which I can store easily and use hygienically. So anything with a pump is a plus, or a spatula. The novelty shaped packages like the TonyMoly Egg line are fun, but annoying to store and use.

Do you have a favorite line? 
Innsifree and I have a good relationship when it comes to masks. I’m in the one a day club (when I have time) and I find these masks add that extra hydration without breaking the bank. I also like their no-sebum powder.
I’m also a fan of DHC cleansing oil and lip balms. They’re moisturising and no fuss.

Any favorite skincare ingredients?
Tea tree and snail! I suffer from redness and acne, and these really help flatten the blemishes and speed up the healing process.

Thank you again Sophie! 

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