Depression, Asian Beauty and my story


I wanted to update you all regarding my recent absence and lack of posts! My health has not been so great...fibromyalgia is such a day to day issue I deal with...its so beyond frustrating!! Another reason for my absence is that I got pretty depressed about the condition of my skin....I'll explain....

I started watching Youtube videos and found a passion for Korean and Japanese cosmetics when I married to my now ex-husband.  I became very passionate about Asian beauty and began my mark on the internet with my Youtube channel, PDXBeautiful in 2010 :) After a ton of researching and personal trial and error, I found that Asian skincare was so very different from the "Western" approach! I had struggled with acne since my mid 20's and everything I tried made my skin worse! Here is the US, we tend to approach acne by using products that dry out the skin and destroy our skin's moisture barrier! On top of that, being in the skincare business, it was so beyond embarrassing to be an Esthetician and have acne!! I decided to try out the "Asian approach" to skincare and began a pretty complex skincare routine. And my skin completely feel in love :) My skin looked and felt great and my acne began to heal!! My skin started looking so good I barely wore any makeup :)

Fast forward a handful of years, I was formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I thought in order to make my body "feel better" I should start with "cleaning and greening" up what I put in my body and what I put on my body. I transitioned into using only natural and organic beauty and body care. I already ate pretty healthy but I began switching all my foods out for organic options. This was a very expensive change!

After almost two years, I still did not "feel" any better! In fact, I began feeling worse! Although natural beauty products have come such a long way from even a few years ago, I wasn't very happy with organic/natural skincare products. I went from obsessing about my skin and being excited to do my skincare routine am and pm to not being interested in taking care of my skin at all! After being a licensed Esthetician for over 15 years, I became very depressed about skincare! I lost my passion and my skin showed it!

I decided to make a change! I stumbled upon an amazing discussion forum dedicated to all things Asian Beauty :) After a few weeks of reading, posting questions and researching many of the most raved about beauty products, I began a wish list of Korean/Japanese beauty products ;) While I am patiently waiting for all of those items to arrive, I picked up a few Asian beauty products that I could purchase locally and have been using these along with some samples and sheet masks my bestie Chie had sent me for Christmas.

Within just 10 days on my new skincare routine, my skin is looking so much better!! And even better, I am so much happier now :) I look forward to spending time on my skincare routine!! Changing my skincare routine has not only helped my skin but it has also soften my depression! I did not think my skincare routine or switching back to using Asian beauty products would have just a dramatic effect on my mental health! I definitely have a very different outlook on life! I honestly think everyone would if the face they showed the world wasn't at it's best! It was so hard facing the world with bad skin, especially being an Esthetician!

Before and After Photos! My skin is no where near where I would want it to be but it's on it's way :)



Here is the steps to Korean skincare!

Thanks to Pico Prince for this amazing artwork :)

Don't be fooled! Korean skincare is no joke :) It is pretty intense and requires multiple steps! But it works...period! I also love that it allows you time to pamper yourself each day...something I stopped doing!!

I will keep you updated on my skincare progress and thank you all so much for reading this post!

My huge 100% Pure Haul


A few months ago I found out that the brand 100% Pure had a physical store locations about 30 minutes from my house!! I was so super excited and posted a few pics on my Instagram! You should totally follow me btw :)

I have been there a few times already to test out products, ask questions, touch, feel, try on and even took home some generous samples to test! I had narrowed down what I wanted to buy after trying out the samples and from finding some great products in store. I wanted to buy a ton of stuff so I was very grateful the dot com sent out an email that they were running an awesome special promotion!! You should sign up for their email newsletter as they send emails for special discounts etc!! When the email popped up in my inbox I had to take advantage of the 20% discount, free shipping and free full size eye cream :-)

Here is what I purchased from 100% Pure:

Luminous Makeup Face Primer
Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation in Alpine Snow (Yes, I am that white!)
Fruit Pigmented Luminizer in Pink Champagne
Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Sugar Plum
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Velveteen and Cherry
Dark Chocolate Pigmented Mascara (Brown)
Nail Polish/Horsetail Base Coat
Facial Cleansing Brush - Not shown (bought for my teenage son)
Red Wine Resveratrol Eye Cream - Free ;-)

I will be doing review posts little by little. Some of these I haven't even opened yet as I am finishing up other products first! I will say that I love the brand and what they stand for and my experience in store was stellar! You can check out the line and full ingredient lists and product reviews at 100% Pure! But please stay tuned for more in-depth reviews coming soon!

What 100% Pure products have you tried? What are you thoughts?

April Goodebox


Hello everyone! I am so sorry for my absence but my health has not been so good. I know this post is super late but I did want to share what I got in my April Goodebox!

I think this is one of my favorite boxes so far because of the Portland Bee Balm which I LOVE and it gives me a change to try out a few sunscreens! I am pretty much obsessed with sunscreen and attribute my wrinkle free skin to using sunscreen on a daily basis!

Here is what this month's box contained:

Derma E - Evenly Radient Brightening Day Cream SPF 15 - deluxe sample
Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Face Sunscreen - Tinted in Fair - sample
Portland Bee Balm - Mint - This is a stable :) Full size
CV Skinlabs Rescue & Relief Spray - deluxe sample
Preverse Razor - Full size - includes two replacement blades

Although I don't shave, the razor was a nice surprise as my son needs to start shaving (OMG I can't believe he's grown up so fast!!!) so this will come in handy

Overall this box is a great value and I can't wait to test out all of the products!!

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