Naruko Haul


So, last week I broke my "no buy until Black Friday" and had a moment of pure weakness. I just could not resist the temptation that is Naruko. If you have been with me since the beginning aka my Youtube days, you will know that I have purchased, used and have loved Naruko skincare products in the past. I have slowly found my way back to Naruko thanks to some very gracious friends sending me decants/samples. So, one thing led to another (as it usually does) and boom, there I was browsing the Naruko website and adding items to my cart.

Here is the picture I posted on Instagram of my haul however, I did not post the free products that I received for spending over a certain amount. Naruko was very generous with the extras! Most companies will give you sample packets and some may even add in a sheet mask. Granted I spend way over $100USD but I received three sheet masks and two full size products.

September Mask Maven Collection


Today I got the Mask Maven subscription for the month of September. I bought a year subscription almost one year ago and I think this, or possible next month is my last collection. I would love your ideas on good sheet mask subscription services. I am no novice when it comes to sheet masks but I love getting a surprise every month (no not that monthly surprise) and since I love masking, I gravitate more toward a monthly mask service.

The "theme" this month is Modern Masking....the latest in masking technology! I am actually excited to use a few of these masks from brands like Nohj and Ladykin!

Here is what came in this month's collection....

It's Skin Dear My Muse Velvet Powder SPF 15 Review


With the autumn season finally among us, I decided to take some time the past few days going through my makeup items.  One of my go-to makeup items during the warmer months are powders, preferably loose powder. In the summer or warmer months, I tend to set my foundations or cushions with a light dusting of powder, focusing on my t-zone to control shine. In the summer, my skin type tends to be combination, especially in my t-zone so having a lightweight powder is ideal. At the beginning of summer, QDepot reached out and offered to send me an item for review purposes. Since I knew I would need a powder for the warmer days here in Portland, I picked out the Its Skin Dear My Muse Velvet Powder with SPF 15 #1 to test out.  As many of you know if you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, I tend to gravitate toward powders that offer sunscreen protection. Although I never rely on the sun protection of powders on their own, they do help to offer further protection against the sun's damaging rays. I also love using SPF powders for a midday sunscreen touch up. 

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