Seattle Meetup


Over this past weekend, I attend the Reddit Asian beauty meet up in Seattle! I had attended the December meet up here and had a lot of fun. I knew I couldn't miss the chance to hang out with my fellow AB obsessed ladies again so I made the trip up to Seattle.

We decided to meet at the Uwajimaya in the International District of Seattle on Saturday. We had a big turn out as eleven of us showed up (only 10 pictured above, Morgan missed the group photo) and we had dim sum and got to chat. We also hit up the Daiso store in the area plus did a sample swap/exchange and made decants of products for each other to try.

Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Powder Compact 2003


If you are familiar with Korean skin care then you are no stranger to the popular Sulwhasoo brand. This is a company founded on Korean herbal medicine practices and the Sang-Seng philosophy of balancing the inner energies of the skin. I am no stranger to this brand either as I have used many parts of the line several years ago. Sulwhasoo is the first science based Korean luxury medicinal skin care systems and I cannot lie that these products comes with a hefty price tag. There is no doubt that Sulwhasoo is a splurge. In the case of most Sulwhasoo products, I believe they are well worth the price.  

While taking about skin care with my good friend Amy, Sulwhasoo products came into the conversation and she began to tell me how she had been looking for a limited edition powder compact case that was originally released in 2003. I had seen these limited edition cases before not only from Sulwhasoo but also from History of Whoo and even Estee Lauder. I had always admired their beauty but never thought to actually purchase one. Amy had done some major research and after many phone calls, she found a Neiman Marcus store in California that still had some of these powder compacts in stock. I decided to take the plunge and I contacted the store and ordered one.

I received the compact about three days later and have been in awe ever since! This compact is truly a beautiful piece of art! I decided to purchase the original, 2003 Lattice compact because it was the first ever Sulwhasoo compact case to ever be made. Out of the five total designs made between 2003 and 2010, this was my favorite. Just a side note, this particular compact was re-released in 2014 so that is why Neiman's still had a few left over. If you are wondering, this case originally retailed for $150 dollars but I got it at a steal of only $69.

LJH Leejiham Haul and HKC Plaza Review


Today's post is on a haul for Leejiham (LJH) products that I purchased recently from HKC Plaza. HKC Plaza is a website located in Singapore. I found out about this site through the Asian Beauty sub community on Reddit. I was first introduced to the LJH brand several years ago when I received a deluxe mini in a Memebox here!

About HKC Plaza:
As I stated above, I purchased these Leejiham products from HKC Plaza. When I first heard about this site on Reddit, I admit that I was not sure if the site was legit and reputable, selling genuine products. I decided to placed my first order with HKC Plaza a few months ago and posted this haul here on Instagram. I was happily surprised when my order arrived within a month and the products were indeed legit!! 

HKC Plaza is company based out of Singapore and often offers some excellent discount codes. I decided to order again for more LJH products when I discovered that they were offering a 60% off coupon code! I honestly could not resist such a great offer. I would also like to mention that HKC Plaza offers free international shipping and free registered shipping! You can't beat that :)  

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