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June Skin Care Update

It has been a few months since I have updated you all on my skin care progress. I am happy to report that things are still going great and I have seen a huge improvement in how my skin looks and feels. 

For those of you out there who are reading about my skin care story for the first time, I have been battling hormonal, cystic acne for just over a year now. I have been documenting my journey here on my blog and on Instagram. You can read more about my skin care journey here, here, and here.

As you can imagine, the following pictures are extremely difficult to post. I am a licensed medical Esthetician and have been in the business now for 18 years. It is difficult to admit that I needed help with my skin with all my education, knowledge and experience in Esthetics. I knew after months of trying to care for my skin and when nothing was working, I needed to reach out. Things didn't start to turn around until I found Curology! I can honestly say without a doubt that my skin would not have made the progress it has without my personalized prescription from Curology. To learn about what Curology is please follow this link here. I also attribute my progress to eating healthy, drinking spearmint tea and using a mix of well formulated and effective skin care products. 

Here are my results....

The picture on the left is my skin in September of 2015. Again, as you can imagine, these picture are very difficult to post but if I can help others out there who are struggling like I was, then I feel it is necessary to be as transparent as possible. You can see how rough and congested my skin was from the picture on the left. The picture on the right is after a few months of using Curology (sorry for the bad lightening). My acne was beginning to heal but it was leaving behind something far more difficult to tackle....scars.

 Here is my skin today...

As you can see here, the texture has greatly improved and my skin is free of blemishes. It is also not congested and is balanced. I am not nearly as oily as I used to be. My skin is brighter overall and more even toned. However, my face still has some scarring and spots of hyperpigmentation, some redness and a few broken capillaries. Overall, I am extremely thrilled at my progress. Here is my current prescription....

I am currently chatting with my provider at Curology about changing up my prescription to tackle the hyper pigmentation and scarring more aggressively. My skin is sensitive so I have to be extremely careful. It is all about taking things slow and building products into my routine. I will update you if my prescription does change.

Along with my personalized Curology prescription, my daily skin care routine has had a huge impact on how my skin looks and feels. A daily skin care regimen is essential as well as the use of sun protection everyday. I am currently using Goodal's Mild Protect SPF 50+. Here are just some of the products that I use to help keep my skin cleansed, hydrated and protected. I use a wide range of products including Cosrx, Benton, and Sulwhasoo.

Aside from mild scars, I can honestly say that my skin has never been better! I am now 40 years old and my skin is better now than in my twenties. My skin is more balanced, less oily and I hardly have any breakouts. I think it is important to listen to your skin, learning about how it reacts and what it needs. Some days my skin feels more oily so I will not use products that are too rich. Other days it feel tight and dry so I nourish it with moisture. Lots of days it is reactive and sensitive, so I use soothing products to calm. It is all about finding that right balance.

Thank you all as always for reading this post and for supporting my blog. If you want to try out Curology, you can use this link to get your first month for free. Please use → First Month of Curology for FREE  ← to get started!

Stay Beautiful ❤️



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