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November Mask Maven

It's a gloomy and stormy day here in Portland Oregon but my day quickly turned around with the arrival of the November Mask Maven in my mailbox.

This month contains 9 masks, two wash off and 7 sheet masks. My monthly subscription did not come with an info card because Beauteque is "going green". They did say that the info would be emailed but I still haven't received that email! Once I do receive information, I will update this post accordingly.

To begin I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED to see not one, but two by a company called Nohj.

These look incredible. One is for pore care and the other for luster (aka brightening and glowing) and come in this really cool frosted packaging.

These contain 25 grams of essence, are described as an "air sheet" and contain 24k gold. This close up picture shows the flecks of gold! I have no idea what air sheet means as I have not heard of this term before but the 24k gold is impressive.

Next up are two masks from Foodaholic. One in blueberry and one in orange.

These both indicate they are "3D shape natural pulp masks". Someone on reddit was kind enough to let me know that the "3D" is not actually 3D in that it's one of those masks that comes further down on the neck and has those straps that go behind your ears. So glad because I hate those. The 3D is about the fit, it is suppose to "fit the curves of the face" so we shall see how this works out.

Next is the Real Nature Avocado Mask from Nature Republic.

Next is the I'm Real Broccoli Mask for Tony Moly.

Another one from Tony Moly is the Pureness 100 Collagen Mask Sheet.

Finally two wash off masks from Landykin. One is in pear, the other is in pumpkin.

Again, no information card was emailed in this package so I do not have much info on any of these masks, especially the one without english translations. I am afraid my Hangul is not very good at all. Overall, I am happy with this months collection of masks aside from the I'm Real mask from Tony Moly. I am really not a fan of this mask type but will try it out for review purposes of course :) The most exciting masks out of the bunch are clearly the Nohj masks with he 24K gold! If anyone knows any more info on the Nohj brand please let me know!! This brand is now on my radar.

Stay Beautiful ❤️


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