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My Scheming Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask Review

So...awhile back, my local Asian beauty store was having a great sale here on My Scheming sheet masks. I had never tried this brand before so I decided to get a few flavors to try and review. I ended up going back before the sale was over to purchase a few more varieties. I had heard great things about the Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask so I decided to buy a full box. 

Here is a picture of the ingredients. This mask type is full of some pretty awesome ingredients from algae to niacinamide! I also have a soft spot for products that smell like roses. Rose is so soothing and calming to the skin, both of which my skin always seems to be in desperate need of :) And hydration has been a top priority, especially lately with the addition of my Curology prescription!

Another sheet mask selfie LOL! As you can see on my oval face, this mask is a pretty good fit! I cannot complain. I also can't complain about the amount of essence you get. This flavor of My Scheming came with a enormous amount of essence, enough essence that even after about 1 hour of wearing it (ok, I might have fallen asleep) the mask is still fairly wet. Another bonus is that there is still enough essence left over in the package to use for a facial massage or to make a DIY mask for later :) 

This mask claims to hydrate, prevent moisture loss and also help with uneven skin tone. It does contain arbutin, job's tears, pearl extract, tranexamic acid and niacinamide, all of which help with brightening. Did I mention that the ingredient list is pretty stellar!! I have used this mask only a few times but I have noticed some brightening effect after use, not a lot but some. I did however notice that my skin was more soothed, balanced and hydrated. This really did help increase my hydration level (I want to buy one of those skin analyzers here to really test out this theory). I also love that it helps to calm down my easily irritated and reactive skin thanks to the cucumber, rose and aloe. 

Overall, I do enjoy this mask because of the great amount of essence, solid ingredients list and the soothing and calming that it provides my crazy skin. However, I am still on the fence on whether I would purchase this mask type again.

Have you tried My Scheming masks? Which sheet masks are your favorites??


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