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My Scheming Sheet Mask Haul

A few days ago, my local Asian market announced they were having a 20% off sale on all My Scheming Sheet Masks! I had never tried this particular brand and after posting a "what's your favorite type of My Scheming mask" on Reddit's sub, I decided that I needed to try this brand. Each box was around $12 on sale and the single sheet masks were a little over a dollar a piece. Bonus: some of the boxes included a bonus mask!! WOOHOO :)

Here is a few pictures I took of the displays and some other masks the store carries....

The market also carries a huge selections of Japanese skin care :) But I went there with one purpose in mind, sheet masks so I stayed strong and only bought sheet masks :-) I'm so proud of myself!!

Here is what I got:

I picked up the Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Masks and the Mandelic Acid Brightening Masks. Each came with a bonus mask!!

The bonus masks were the Sakura Lightening Mask and the Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask! I also picked up the 2 of the Milk Extract Brightening Mask. This mask type was recommended as well but unfortunately they did not have a full box, just singles.

SOOOoooo I went back to the store the next day :-(  All my self-control flew out the window! I used the Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask that night and loved the results so I had to go back and buy a full box :-)

Luckily, they had one box left :) And it also came with a bonus mask! I also found one box hiding of the Snail Essence Hydrating Black Mask so I had to get was fate :-) And it included a bonus mask too! Score!! Even though I went back, I contained myself somewhat and only bought two more boxes!

Both bonus masks are the Provence Lavender Soothing Mask types which I am excited to try because I LOVE lavender! 

All together my total was around $50 which is not too bad! My frig is now packed full of sheet masks and there is hardly any room for actually food LOL! A true sign of a skincare junkie :) 

Thanks for reading and take care!

Have your tried My Scheming Masks? Which are your favs??


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