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Wish Trend Haul

I wanted to post a haul that I received yesterday in the mail just in time for my birthday! Wish Trend was having a decent discount promo code floating around and after some intense research online and on Reddit, I decided to make a purchase to try out the Vitamin C serum C20!

To start, this was my first time ordering from Wish Trend. I remember clearly about 3 to 4 years ago when Wish Trend launched their site that qucikly became all the rave on Youtube. Until recently, I never had any interest in ordering from this online retailer as most of their products I had never hear of before. Yet, until recently and after researching Vitamin C serums, people rave so much about C20 (OST) serum, I finally decided to purchase. Plus, even better Wish Trend had a great value set that included two serums and a face cream. I also needed to replenish some HG products from CosRX so it was a great time to order!

Here is what I purchased:

CosRX Naturally Embo Cotton Puff (2)
Cos RX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

A bundle pack that included:
C20 (OST) Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema
C20 (OST) Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum (2)

First Impression:

I ordered on 7/06 and received 7/28 so while it wasn't the slowest shipping from Korea, it was not the quickest either! The package was very well packed as you can see from the above picture, everything was securely wrapped. Plus, my order came with some samples, my favorite part!! It is customary, especially when you are in Korea that you receive samples as part of service! This could be from getting free food at a restaurant or a ton of packet sized samples at a beauty counter. This is called Seobiseu 서비스 meaning "service" in English! So, I am accustom to this form of service and love when an online retailer includes samples. I got three samples plus a free sheet mask that retails for about $2 USD.

I am very excited to try out the Vitamin C20 serum and will update you all with full product reviews in future posts! Thanks for reading and take care :-)

You can get $5 toward your purchase by entering in referral CODE: 16465912 at

What are your favorites from Wish Trend??


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