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Acne and Curology

If you have been following my blog for the past year or so you will know that for the past 6 months, I have been really struggling with my skin.

In May, I began to openly write about my experience about "going green", my daily battle with fibromyalgia, and my recent struggle with acne here! Although I continue to eat healthy, going green did not bring any relief to my fibromyalgia symptoms. Plus, using all natural/and or organic skincare also began to cause my skin to break out...these pictures are so hard to publish so please be kind! My skin just kept getting worse and worse :(

This is how my skin looked around March of 2015....again, please be kind

This is how my skin looks now as of October 2015....As you can see, my skin is less red and irritated but I am still struggling with clogged pores, breakout and cystic acne.

About my journey so far.....


April 2015: I stopped using all my natural/organic skincare. I began slowly adding in some Asian beauty products and after a few weeks, my skin was less red and irritated but still full of acne breakouts.

June: ★ I saw my primary care physician and here is what treatment she prescribed:
Placed on birth control Yasmin (what I previous took in the past with no issues). Prescribed Tretinion .025% cream, Benzoyl Peroxide 5% gel....alternating days.

I was also prescribed an oral antibiotic Doxycycline and had a terrible reaction (rash, hives, it felt like I had a rope burn all over my body) Note: I am allergic to almost every antibiotic :(

Late June: Stopped taking the oral antibiotic and was prescribed topical Clindamycin and had a terrible reaction to that as well (same rash, hives, felt like a rope burn any where I put the cream). Discontinued use!

August: My skin was still pretty bad so my doctor prescribed Spironolactone 25mg daily.

I cannot stress this enough but acne is a medical condition and those who are suffering should always consult with a doctor! Even being a Medical Esthetician, I cannot legally treat acne myself! 

End of September: Here is a picture of my skin

This close up picture shows the texture of my skin. It's clogged and dehydrated. I am getting less cystic breakouts but I am still have active acne (pustules)

Today: October 6th 2015:

After doing more research and considering all that I have tried to treat my acne, I decided to try Curology (aka Pocketderm) and here is why....

Reason #1: Acne is a medical condition, period! My primary care has been really awesome helping me deal with this condition. She has prescribed everything possible to help me fight this battle but it just doesn't seem to be working

Reason #2:  My insurance will not cover a "specialist" (aka dermatologist) unless I have met my yearly deductible (currently 3K) otherwise I am responsible for the entire appointment (roughly $400-500 dollars per apt). Argh...this is frustrating because I cannot afford the crazy cost right now!
What is Curology?

Curology (formally known as Pocketderm) is a web based dermatological service that helps to treat acne, skin discoloration, and aging. The service is $19.95 per month that includes your personalized prescription! Once you join, you fill out a medical questionnaire, upload photos of yourself (I uploaded many pictures) and then you are assigned a dermatologist. You can then communicate with this medical professional via the messaging forum on the secured website. You can then chat with your dermatologist, give them more information on your progress etc. I love the fact that you can message your dermatologist 24 hours a day and they are so quick to respond! I have personally sent my dermatologist a ton of messages and she has been so helpful and patient :-)

I think this is such an amazing idea because not everyone has the ability to see a dermatologist. However, this online service would in no way replace yearly screenings for skin cancer or other skin care issues or concerns!! I get a yearly physical and have my primary care look over my body for any skin related "red flags" (example: a mole that is changing shape or color). Also, Curology is only available to those living in the US.

After submitting all my information, the dermatologist uses that information and prescribes you a personal, just for you prescription!! This customized prescription is made and then sent directly to your door all for $19.95 per month. You get a monthly supply of medication and on-going support from your assigned dermatologist. This is my favorite are able to connect with your dermatologist to make sure the prescription is working and you track your progress together as a team!

My Curology Prescription:

Based on the information I gave her, my dermatologist prescribed the follow:

.017% Tretinion
4% Azelaic Acid
.25% Zinc Pyrithione 

I was notified within an hour of completing my registration and was assigned a dermatologist who prescribed the prescription above and sent me a long, informative message!! What amazing service!! 

I will update you all very soon on my progress using my new prescription. I am praying that Curology will help my skin and cure my on going struggle with acne!! 

Want a free month of Curology? You can try Curology risk free...that's a free month which includes your personalized prescription and your assigned dermatologist who you can communicate with all for free!!! Please use this link → First Month of Curology for FREE  ← to get started!!! 

Stay Beautiful ❤️


  1. So you said natural brands broke you out, but I noticed that lately you have been using a lot of natural brands. What changed?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think I was just using too many essential oils and using too many products all at once. I have begun to incorporate more natural products into my skincare routine but I am very careful with patch testing and what types of oils, essential oils & plant extracts I choose. It’s all about learning about your skin and what it doesn’t like. My face does well with lavender oil but citrus oils it just doesn’t like and causes irritation. I hope that answers your question.

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