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Yadah All Day Cushion Review

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know that my philosophy on foundation is that it should provide coverage but your base makeup should also be an extension of your daily skin care routine. In the beginning, it was bb cream that brought me into the world of Asian beauty. I was searching the internet for a base makeup that evened out my complexion, didn't break me out and had skin care properties. I, like many of you found that my foundation was clogging my pores (I'm looking right at your Mac) and did not offer my skin any health benefits. Fast forward 10 years and I am still a huge proponent of cushions because like bb creams, they offer skin care ingredients, coverage plus cushions are super easy to apply. I am always up for testing out cushions so when the lovely peeps at BB Cosmetics offered to send me this, I jumped at the change. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this in some of my recent posts but I wanted to take the opportunity to give this cushion a full review. 

Yadah's brand story is to create safe, hypoallergenic, low chemical and plant derived skin care and makeup products. Yadah is a Hebrew word that means wisdom. Yadah uses the purest, most natural ingredients so their products are safe for even the most stressed and sensitive skin types. They incorporate organic eastern prickly pear (opuntia humifusa) as the base for all their products. Prickly pear is highly moisturizing, calms, soothes, heals plus it is a great anti-inflammatory. Eastern prickly pear is a tough cactus plant native to Korea and it can withstand extreme temperatures. The plant contains flavonoid which helps to strengthen blood vessels and works to stabilize the skin's support network, aka collagen and elastin. Prickly pear is also rich in vitamin c, amino acids and saponin, a plant derived skin soothing antioxidant.  To learn more about Yadah's natural ingredients, please visit their website here

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To start, my skin type during this time of the year is normal.  My skin can also be quite sensitive, temperamental and is very acne prone. However, with the incorporation of Curology,  I have noticed less breakouts. My review will reflect how this cream works for my personal skin type and condition and as always, your results may vary.

The Claims:

This cushion claims to be a long lasting, full cover foundation that offers a satin finish. This helps to not only give you UV protection, it also claims to whitening and improve wrinkles. This cushion features a moisture lock system that helps the skin retain it's own moisture level. This is also said to have anti-darkening features.


This cushion comes in a cute plastic case similar to the Tosowoong and April Skin containers. I do like the cute, bold packaging however, this is a basic cushion case that doesn't feel as sturdy as a higher end case like Sulwhasoo or IOPE. Regardless, the case functions just fine. This contains 15g of product with no refill.

Texture and Formula:
As you can see from the above picture, the cushion comes pretty saturated with product that isn't evenly disbursed so the puff is easily saturated if your not careful. A little goes a long way so I would recommend being very light handed. It has a creamy consistency that feels moist and hydrating but does not feel too heavy on the skin. I personally don't see this as a true full coverage cushion, more medium coverage but it does give the skin a soft beautiful glow. This also features an antibacterial ruby cell puff that is slightly bigger than the puffs from Sulwhasoo or IOPE. I believe this only comes in one color with is #21light beige.


This cushion is made with lavender water so to me this has a soft floral, lavender scent. For those sensitive to scents, this dissipates almost immediately. 

Full Ingredients:

I can't seem to find a full list of ingredients :(

un-filtered, untouched pictures

As you can see from the above pictures, this cushion matches my NC 15 skin tone very well and does a good job at covering my redness and acne scars with just one application. This did not cause any irritation, reaction or breakouts. I do feel that this did help keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and right after application, my fine lines did look plump. As far as wrinkle improvement or whitening/brightening, you would have to use this longterm to test this claims.

Overall / Wearability:

I personally think this is a good cushion foundation because it does offer a nice coverage without feeling too heavy or cakey. I will warn you that if you apply too much product it does end up looking cakey. For those who are looking to cover up major acne or scarring, this does a pretty good job at covering my acne scars as you can see above. However, I would only apply at most two layers and then spot conceal because it isn't a true full coverage cushion. If you notice half way between my forehead and my ear, I have a spot of eczema that was really red and it covered this area by about  50%. They claim this will last morning-to-night at at least a full 8-10 hours and I would say on my skin this lasts about 6-8 hours on average. I did find it does settle into some fine lines around my eyes, nose and mouth. Also, anywhere I have applied two layers, it does start to lift and separate at about the 6hr mark but nothing too terrible. I am in my early 40's so having foundation settle is just something that is going to happen. When I apply a primer underneath, the settling does not seem to happen as bad. Adding a powder in my t-zone also helped this to stay put longer as well. I love that this cushion give my complexion that instance glow and that healthy glow lasts until I wash my face! I have received a lot of compliments when I have been wearing this cushion so I would definitely repurchase  Overall, I am very happy with this cushion and I would recommend you check it out.

Where can you purchase:

Yes Style for $22.90

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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