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Review: Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow Pencil

Today I wanted to review the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow Pencil! Wow...that is a mouthful :-)  I recently purchased this eyebrow pencil from BeautynetKorea. It was around $6 and comes in 4 colors.

To start, my eyebrows are one of my biggest problems when it comes to makeup. First, my eyebrows are sparse! They have been this way since childhood, not for over tweezing! Next, my hair is auburn which makes it difficult to find a brow pencil specific for redheads. Sure, I can buy a non Asian beauty brand like Anastasia but I prefer to stick to my passion, Korea beauty :) Finding a brow pencil was much easier when I was coloring my hair a dark brown/black as most Korean brow pencils are made for these hair colors. Now that I have grown out the black hair and I am back to my natural reddish hair, I have been searching for the perfect brow pencil!

Before and After! As you can see, my eyebrows are pretty sparse! I have been tossing around the idea of trying Latisse (would love to hear your thoughts on this)  or perhaps start wearing these...LOL!!

Back to the review! I decided to try out this pencil from Holika Holika because I saw it had a red brown color option and I am glad I added it into my latest haul :) 

As you can see, this pencil is very similar to the overly expensive Anastasia Brow Wiz! I love how the color of the pencil packaging matches the color of the product! If someone had a couple of these you could easily tell them apart inside a makeup bag! 

The pencil features two caps, one side is the product, the other is a spool brush.

Here you can see, the side with the spool brush has an expiration date printed on the cap! I absolutely LOVE the fact they print expiration dates on the product (most Korean products have a printed expiration date) and wish that all non Asian beauty brand would start doing this for sanitary purposes! Keeping and using old products is just plain gross!

The color of this #4 pencil is a perfect match for my medium auburn hair shade! It has a super thin pencil that you are twist up and down, yay!! I personally love how fine the pencil is as it helps to create the look of brow hairs that I obviously lack. I can easily create a really soft but precise looking brow that doesn't look fake! Best of all, this pencil has great staying power!

The only complaints I have is one, the pencil is very thin and if you push too hard it could easily break and two, you don't get a lot of product compared to the other version, Wonder Drawing 24HR here! I have tried these thicker type eyebrow pencils like the Lioele here in the past and have loved them. Even though I do love this brow pencil, it's more expensive then the thicker, 24HR version and you get more product for the money! Plus, it comes in the same #4 Red Brown color Woot!! I also hear that the 24HR version has even better staying power! I will be ordering the 24HR in my next haul so I can compare the two!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post! Please let me know what brow pencils you like to use....especially if you are redhead like me :-)


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