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Aritaum Honey Melting Tint

Today's review is on the Aritaum Honey Melting Tint. I know I know....there are so many reviews out already on these but I thought I'd share my own opinion and experience. I feel it is always nice to read product reviews from different perspectives, especially being an almost 40 years old...I will definitely have a different opinion on a product then say someone in their early 20's! on with the review....I will mention they have already released another set of these in a different formula here but I haven't had the change to try those out yet! 

[ARITAUM] Honey melting tint 4g

Above is just one of the many ads for the Honey Melting Tints. They have already released another set of newer colors that you can check out here!

I recently ordered some products from BeautynetKorea and decided after reading all the hype on these lip tints, I added one of these to my cart! I got #10 Bitter Rose

The packaging is ok...the cap slides off and you twist the product up and down. It is very plain but functions just fine. The bottom of the tube has the color number as well as an expiration date! I have heard that you must be sure to firming close the lid as these can easily dry out.

Bitter Rose is a great everyday, very wearable color that is pretty neutral...not too orange or pink. I would describe this as a mauve rose.

Here are a few swatches on my pale neutral hand (N3 in Mac)! On the left is indoor lighting while on the right is natural lighting next to a window. As you can see, Bitter Rose is a very nice shade that would probably look good on just about everybody! One thing I would love to point out is that this is just one coat!

Overall...I am very impressed with the color payoff! The #10 Bitter Rose is highly pigmented, creamy that stays on fairly well throughout the day. This is not a "stay all day" sort of product but I am impressed by it's overall staying power. The next thing I love about this is it's very moisturizing without being oily or having that feeling like it's going to start running down my face! It's a thicker, creamier, dense formula that hydrate fairly well. The best things is that I haven't experienced any bleeding around my lips Woohoo!! Lastly, the scent....I love it :) It has a very nice honey smell that is not overly fake.

One thing I would like to point out is that the ad above depicts these tints as having a super shiny, vinyl look to them but this is very deceiving! From the reviews and pictures I have seen on #10 as well as the other colors, they do not have that super vinyl appearance.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the #10 Bitter Rose does not leave a "tint" behind as it wears off. Perhaps the other colors leave behind a tint but I did not experience the tint factor with the this particular color!

I am a huge lip balm fan and the closest comparison to the Honey Melting Tints is it is similar in texture to the Burt's Bees Honey lip balm...the consistency is pretty similar but the Burt's has a more authentic honey scent.

I do really love this and find myself reaching for it in my purse throughout the day and would recommend it (especially this color) to everyone :)

Have you tried the Honey Melting Tints? Thoughts??


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