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Lioele Brow Pencil

If you follow me on Youtube then you have most likely heard me talk about my favorite eye brow pencil from Lioele before many many times ^.^  Although I have mentioned this product a thousand times before, I wanted to post a review here and show you up some up close photos!
To start off, let me give you a little background about my brows! I don't have any ^.^ Just kidding...but really I have very sparse, thin brows due to a bad waxing experience!! In middle school, the cool thing was to have your brows in what I refer to as the "Golden Arch" style....

As you can see, good ol' Ronald has super thin brows and this style was super popular when I was 14! Unfortunately, after a few bad waxes and over tweezing, my brows never fully recovered :(

After searching high and low end brands, I finally discover my HG brow pencil....Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil!!!  It is the best pencil I have found for my brows.  Here are some details...Sorry they are in Korean but I will do my best to translate.

The first color is #1 Natural Brown which is great for blonde and lighter hair colors.  Second is #2 Dark Brown for brunettes and #3 Grey Black for dark or black hair or those with a dark grey or salt and pepper hair color.  I feel that all three colors are a perfect tone so finding a match is easy! I do color my hair about every 4 to 6 weeks so when I use the #3 but when the color starts to fade ( I do semi permanent color) I will use the #2 pencil.

What is so great out this pencil other than the formula (which I will discuss next) is the packaging! This pencil is a dual ended pencil, one end is the product and the other end is a spool.  Each side has a cap for easy storage. So many times I have tried brow products that you have to use your own brush or spool...not so great if you are traveling or have to touch up on the go! This is such a convenience...You can brush out your brows, apply the product and brush them out for a more natural application.  Also, the product twists up and down....I hate those products that you can twist them up but don't twist back drives me nuts!

So onto the best part....the formula :)  It is such a durable and long lasting pencil I don't need to reapply or ever touch up throughout the day.  It's triangle shape follows the natural curve of your brows making it super easy to apply. It also looks more natural in my opinion! And the's a waxy color, not too hard but not too soft.  I have experimented with so many pencils that are either so hard the color doesn't even show up or looks streaky or they are too soft and they are messy and you get too much product. I also find they brake easily or crumble apart.  This pencil is the best of both worlds, you have the wax so the pencil is very durable...mine has never broken!! And then you have the color pigment which I find is just enough color to fill in the gaps and still look natural. 

I really don't know what I'd do if Lioele ever decides to discontinue this brow pencil...there would definitely be tears for sure.  It's been my HG pencil for the past 2 years! Did I mention the's pretty affordable...not that cheap like a drugstore brand but not crazy expensive like Chanel! The price will vary a bit but you can find it around $12-14 USD and it will last forever! One pencil will last me 3-4 months if used everyday.  I feel it's a great value for the money.  I know I will never be without this product!



  1. i have this in #2! unfortunately i woke up one morning and the last inch fell out! otherwise i love the shape and the spoolie on the other end, and it's so much easier to handle than my anastasia brush and brown shadow ^_^

  2. nice review ^^ i would like to see swatch on your eyebrows :D

  3. I need to try this... I hate brow pencils that are way too soft and cakey looking. So many of them tends to come off that way. Im very very picky when choosing eyebrow pencils. My HG one is a product I used to sell at my shop back then. VOV magic auto eyebrow pencil. Best thing ever. Omg I'd die w/o it. hehe just my 2cents. Great post babe!!!

  4. I have to try :)
    i´m following you , follow me too pls :)

  5. I love Lioelle and I miss it a bit. I hope these pencils will be made for you, but stock up a couple in case of...


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