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It Cosmetics CC Veil Cushion Foundation Review and Comparison

Today I want to post my review on It Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation. This is a cushion style foundation, just one of the many being launched here in the US from western cosmetic brands.  So far, the cushions I have tried have been very disappointing when you compare them to Korean brands like Iope, Missha or Innsifree. You can read my honest reviews on the L'Oreal and MAC cushions and please leave a comment with your own thoughts. 

Korea has not only invented the cushion but has set the bar for cushion foundations. Korean companies have established a high level of expectation surrounding cushion compacts, something that I am not sure any western brand can compete against. Knowing this, I am not sure why I keep running out to buy these new western cushions! Perhaps out of curiosity....I guess like anyone, I like to try new things. I am actually glad I ventured out to Ulta to pick up this cushion. Here is why!

The Ingredients: 
I am pretty impressed with the ingredients list, especially the no chemical sunscreen of SPF 50! This also contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae and vitamins a, b, c and e. It also has licorice root extract, and niacinamide for brightening and even out the complexion. They market this as also "infused" with "Drops of Light" which are liquid crystals to brighten and color correct skin. 

The packaging is very similar to any cushion compact. Once you open, you peel off the thin plastic cover to reveal the products. The plastic flap felt a bit cheap and not as sturdy compared to my Missha compact for example.  I was very pleased to see that this is made in Korea!
Surprisingly, the puff is actually identical to the Korean ruby cell puffs. It is the same size, density and quality.

Here are the cases, the It Cosmetics cushion compact with the Innsifree and Missha . The It compact was very difficult to photograph as it has a completely reflective surface. As you can see, it is slimmer than the Missha and Innsifree with rounded edges. I actually like the slimmer case style as it does not look as bulky and as a hint for feminism. 

The foundation sponge is almost identical to the IOPE XP cushion compact seen here in the above picture. It has the same dense sponge however, the It Cosmetic sponge is filled with more product, almost too saturated that you get too much product on the puff if you push down too hard. You will need to be light handed once you start using the product unless you like a full coverage effect.

Here are some swatches. The picture below shows my bare skin on the left. As you can see, I am still dealing with most acne scars/pigmentation from a recent bout with cystic acne (please be kind, it's not easy posting revealing pictures). You can read about my journey and how I healed my acne here

The picture on the right is using the It Cosmetics cushion, applying one thin coat. The coverage is pretty good even for a light application. I felt it did cover my scaring and redness fairly well. 

One negative as you can see, the color is a little orangey for my pale, neutral skin tone (about a Mac N10-15)

I would rate the coverage at medium to full. I feel you could easily achieve a full coverage look because the formula leans on the thicker side of the spectrum. If you have used the IOPE XP version, this cushion has a light texture and gives the skin a more natural, weightless finish. I would only recommend the It Cosmetics cushion for those who are looking for a more full coverage look.

It Cosmetics claims that this will give you a glowy finish and will also help to color correct the skin. I feel that it does in fact cover and evens out my skin tone but I do not feel it will give you that glow! I think the formulation is more semi-matte to natural. On my skin, I like that glow look so this seems to look a little dull on my complexion. This formula also emphasized some of my drier areas (especially those areas that are a little flaky due to my Curology prescription) so I would not recommend this foundation for those with super dry skin.

I am happy to point out that this did not cause any reactions or breakouts! This also stayed on really well through the day and did not transfer.


Top to Bottom:
It Cosmetics CC Veil in Fair
Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #13

You can clearly see from the pictures that I am super pale LOL! The Innsifree #13 is slightly too yellow for my neutral to cool under tone. The IOPE XP in N21 is good in the summer when I get a bit of color but has a warm tone look, so for the summer it works because it gives me some "color". The It Cosmetics cushion in Fair is even slightly more warm/orange so I don't think that I could get away with this shade even in the summer. I think I would still look too orange.

Out of the few western brands that have release their versions of the famous cushion foundation, I feel the It Cosmetics version is a good option if you can find a good color match. I think the ingredients are great and the physical only sun protection is fantastic. If you want a fuller coverage cushion that leaves more of a semi-matte/natural finish then this is something I would recommend. If you have any dry areas, I would encourage you to make sure your skin is prepped well with hydrating skin care. Another good tip is to make sure your skin is exfoliated so the foundation does not cling to dry, flaky patches.  I do not feel that this will give you the famous Korean glow as advertised, but it will even out your complexion and give you good coverage to hide imperfections. Beside the color match, another downside is the price! It's pretty expensive at $38 USD with refills costing $32 USD. I can purchase some very good Korean cushions for a lot less and they come with a refill. However, this is very accessible as it is available at Ulta stores for testing and to swatch colors It does come in 5 shades and is paraben free.

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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