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Benton Honest TT Mist Review

*PR sample - Please see disclaimer 

Today I want to review the Benton Honest TT Mist. Over the years I have tried several facial mists but I have never incorporated a mist into my daily skin care routine until recently. I have quickly changed my previous beliefs that facial mists were nothing more than an unnecessary, addition step. I now see the multitude of benefits facial mists offer and since have purchased a few I am currently testing out. For now, let's get on with the review.

Product Description:

The Benton Honest TT Mist is a pump style, non aerosol facial mist in a soft tube container similar to a toothpaste tube. I personally like the tube container as it is very durable and unlikely to break. I have never seen a mist in this style of container but it is very travel friendly because it is not bulky. This is also smaller than the average facial mist as it contains 40ML.


This mist has a PH level of about 6 and contains 80% Tea Tree Leaf water. Basically, it's not just water but infused water. It also contains 7% Sodium Hyaluronate and 5% Treat Tree Extract. You can find the full ingredient list here on CosDNA

It also contains some other noteworthy ingredients...
Aspalathus Linearis - fancy for Rooibos, a powerful antioxidant that helps heal eczema, breakouts and damaged skin. It is also anti-bacterial and contains high amounts of minerals and vitamins to nourish skin
Polyglutamic Acid - Fermented Soybeans, helps to moisturize and increase cell turnover
Beta-Glucan - naturally derived from yeast, grains or mushrooms. Stimulates collagen, helps seal in moisture, soothe and calms, and helps heal skin
Aloe Vera - hydrates, calms and soothes. Naturally contains Vitamin C and E
Other Ingredients:
Glycerin, Guava Extract, Japanese Pepper Extract, Lichen Extract


I must say that I love this mist! Although it is not very hydrating, this does help control my oil and seems to heal redness, acne spots and irritation.  I recently broke my foot (OUCH!) and haven't had the energy to do a full skincare routine morning and night because standing is difficult. My skin has been extra sensitive because of the trauma to my foot, change in my normal routine, and the pain medication has given me a small rash everywhere. I try to do a full routine at night but a water cleanse and this mist have been my lifesaver these past few days.

My only dislike about this mist is the spray nozzle. I might have received a faulty container but does not have a fine mist! It feels like I'm squirting myself with a water gun in the face LOL. Like I said, it might just be a bad nozzle because I have read other reviews that say it has a fine mist.


I really enjoy this mist as it does what it claims to do (aside from the water gun squirting nozzle) especially calming my skin flair ups! I would repurchase in a heart beat!

What is your favorite facial mist??

Stay Beautiful ❤️


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