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Tester Korea Haul

Today's post is an order I placed on Tester Korea. It finally came! I placed the order on November 29th and it arrived January 2nd. This was by far the slowest shipping from a online retailer I have experienced. On the plus side, everything arrived safely. It is not a huge haul by any means. I placed the order because I really wanted the adorable limited edition Skinfood Peanuts Royal Honey Cushion because I'm a sucker for anything Peanuts! I also wanted to test out Tester Korea because I had never ordered anything from this website. I am also not one to go super crazy on hauls as I have learned over the years to be very responsible when in comes to purchasing cosmetics.

Here is what I got:

First up is the Scinic Aqua All in One (AIO). I was given a large decant from the lovely Katie during the Portland Asian Beauty Meetup here! I fell in love after the first few times I used this amouple. I quickly ran out of the decant and knew I had to buy a full size.

Next is the Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion from Skinfood. How freakin' cute it this!! I am a huge Peanuts fan and I had to have this limited edition cushion case. I have read several reviews on this particular cushion foundation however, I would have purchased just for the case alone :)

Too cute!

Finally, I got a few sheet masks. I have been drooling over many Instagram feeds lately, especially those who have been posting on the Evercos Herbal Masks. I have always been interested in Hanbang (한방) ever since I first started exploring Asian beauty products back in early 2005. Herbal medicine and the eastern approach to healthcare quickly became incorporated into my daily routine after meeting my now ex husband (he was Asian). I began practicing yoga, mindfulness, and meeting with a Chinese doctor for herbal concoctions and acupuncture.

I picked up 5 Evercos Licorice sheet masks to help with my Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) from my recent struggle with hormonal acne. You can read about my acne story here! Licorice contains several components that have positive effects on the skin. Most importantly, licorice has shown to be highly effective in brightening and lightening PIH. 

Lastly, while Innsifree sheet masks are not my favorite, the Shea Butter type work well on my skin. I posted a photo on Instagram about this masks here. I was actually really surprised how much I loved this mask. It is both very soothing and hydrating plus is smells delicious.

I did receive four samples....not the best 서비스 (service) but not the worst (yes, I am looking straight at you Memebox!) I am excited to try out the Nature Republic Snail Solution Foam Cleanser. 

Overall, Tester Korea is just so so. The shipping was super slow and they did not provide enough quality samples. I will order from them again though as I think the slow shipping was mainly due to the holidays. 

Have you ordered from Tester Korea? What has been your experience??

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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