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My Scheming Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask

I posted last week that my local Asian market was having a weekend sale on all My Scheming Sheet mask. Needless to say I purchased a few :) Today I wanted to review the Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask....

Here is an up close picture of the ingredients! This mask is said to be rich in hydrating properties and will help boost skin's moisture level. This makes is perfect for someone with issues of dehydration, roughness and pre-mature aging. Some key ingredients I would like to highlight is the algae extract, bird's nest (of course), collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, aloe, cucumber and licorice extracts :) These ingredients will help to hydrate, soothe and calm plus help with elasticity and brightening! This mask would honestly be beneficial for all skin types including those with acne.

The fit: Not too bad! I have a round/oval face and do feel that the My Beauty Diary masks do fit slightly better on my particular face shape however My Scheming are a close second.
terrible picture sorry :( 

As you can see, this mask fits very well. The major difference in the fit versus MBD is that this one is a bit wider. These masks also come with a different backing material. This backing is a plastic sheet with holes, allowing the essence to completely soak into the actually paper sheet. The paper sheet itself is also very nice, slightly thicker paper than MBD but not too thick and heavy. 

And the essence...all I have to say is WOW! It comes with a ton of essence, more than enough to make another mask using these DIY paper sheets! Two big thumbs up on the amount of essence plus two thumbs up on the essence's texture!! The essence is perfect....not too sticky or too thin and runny. I found that my face soaked it up, leaving my face super soft and smooth. I also feel that this indeed brighten my skin, boost hydration in my dehydrated skin and help to calm redness. I especially noticed that my acne spots were less red and helped to heal them faster. Lastly, the scent of this mask is very nice and not over powering. It offers a fresh, aloe and cucumber scent which I find refreshing.

For an added benefit....I keep my sheet masks in the refrigerator. The coolness of the mask helps to calm and soothe my skin, especially in this recent heat wave! Keeping your skin care items cool may also offer additional skin care benefits! You can read an in depth review on this topic on Snow White and the Asian Pear's blog post here!!

I must say that I really enjoy this mask and clearly see visible differences after use. Even though most sheet masks offer only temporary results, my skin looked fantastic the next day. My redness was still diminished and a few acne spots were on the mend.

Overall, I absolutely love this mask! This is the type of mask that I will make sure to always have on hand! I have already ordered a few boxes :)

Have you tried My Scheming masks? 


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