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Aritaum Fresh Essential Aloe Sheet Mask Review

While up in the Seattle area for work, I stopped inside a local Hmart to do a little Korean beauty hauling :-) I popped into the Hmart in Lynwood (just north of Seattle) which has a few little shops inside that carry Korean cosmetics! One shop carries brands owned by LG (Su:m37, Sooryehan) and they also have an Amore Pacific store that carry brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Aritaum. One a side note, they also have this little shop that has some super cute stationary and Korean music cd's! 

First, the prices on products are a little high (higher than buying the same items in Korea) so I mainly went in to test some products, color match, swatch colors etc....However, the sheet masks were a decent price so I grabbed a few Aritaum sheet masks to try out and review! I did post a picture of all the sheet masks I got on Instagram here!

Lately, my skin has been very angry and irritated so I got a few of the aloe masks from Aritaum to help calm and soothe my skin. The aloe mask is great for all skin types and especially good for those with sensitive or irritated skin. 

Here is a close up picture of the ingredients...

First, after opening, I found that the sheet mask does not have a plastic backing (like My Beauty Diary Masks) It is just the sheet mask folded inside soaked in the essence! I love this because it is less packaging and less to throw away in the trash! Second, the scent was very pleasant! It has a very nice aloe, clean scent that was not strong and did not linger. I am pretty sensitive to scents and fragrance and I did not have any issue with this mask.

Here is a picture of me wearing this mask...please excuse the terrible selfie!! I was so super tired and had a headache...I had on a heat wrap around my neck to help the headache and neck pain.

The fit is slightly wider then MBD masks so it was a little more difficult to place. The MBD fits my more oval face better but once placed correctly, the mask did stay put :) I will say that I had to rip the eye and nose openings to fit my face better. The other noticeable difference is the mask thickness. This mask is close to double the thickness of MBD masks. I honestly really haven't noticed any huge difference in how effective the sheet mask is based on the thickness of the actual sheet! In my opinion, the thickness of the mask is less important than the actual ingredients and the amount of essence. This opinion is only based on traditional paper sheet masks, not hydrogel sheet masks!!

So, about the amount of essence and ingredients of this particular mask. As you can see above, the ingredients are ok....not stellar, but not terrible. As far as the amount of essence, I was surprised that it did contain a good amount of essence, enough to use again using a DIY face sheet mask like the ones here! I will be doing a full post on how to use the felt over essence to make another sheet mask very soon!

I actually fell asleep for about a hour and when I woke up, the mask was completely dry! I had to peel the dry paper mask off of my face (oops) After taking it off, I did notice my skin was less red and irritated :) I also felt my skin was definitely more hydrated. I feel like the mask essence fully absorbed into my skin which is the whole point of doing a sheet mask :)

Overall, I think for the price, these Aritaum sheet masks are a good value and perform fairly well for the money. I will be testing out the other types of these masks to see if one is better than the other. I will post more reviews on each mask type soon so please stay tuned for those posts in the weeks to come.

As always, thank you for reading and take care :) 美容护肤

Have you tried Aritaum sheet masks??  



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