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Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion


I am about the finish a new body lotion that I picked up at awhile ago and wanted to review it for you because I am completely in love!

First a little background....overall my skin is super dry, itchy, flakey with bouts of eczema from the chest down! From the chest up it's another story :)  I have tried so many lotions and body butters from drugstore to high end to all natural. So while browsing around on iHerb I noticed this lotion and decided to purchase.  

What intrigued me most about this lotion aside from it being completely vegan, organic and fair trade was the firming claim.  If this lotion could help to firm my skin, especially the thigh area (you know what I talking about ladies) then it would be worth gold! 

Meet Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion with lemongrass and moroccan argan oil.  Evening primrose, cranberry and roseships help tighten while argan oil and cocoa butter moisturize.  It retails for $9 for an 8oz / 240ml tube! So does it work??

For me...YES :) This lotion works awesome!! Not only does it moisturize but I do find that it does actually tighten and lift.  It soothes and hydrates my skin without causing any irritation and doesn't flair up my eczema.  In fact, I have found that I have less flair ups! WooHoo!! I actually applied this lotion once right after waxing my legs with no irritations, no burning....which always happens with other lotions! And I love the texture too...
It's a soft not to thick cream gel consistency that applies easily and absorbs quickly without leaving my skin oily or greasy! It does have a fragrance...all natural of course! It has a sort of earthy, slight lemon scent that dissipates quickly. You won't smell like Pledge :) The hubby even likes the scent!

Ok, so let's talk firming! So no lotion can permanently firm skin after sagging begins but you can get a temporary fix.  To get the effect you will need to apply after showering or bathing while the pores are still open.  I apply this lotion with my hands in an upward motion and really massage and knead it in and wow you will really feel it tighten!!

I'm sold on this lotion!! Love the firming effect, soothing hydration and I love that it's good for your body! I will totally be repurchasing!!

I also love that it contains CGF, chlorella growth factor which is a single cell green algae that is clinically proven to help rebuild and protect collagen! What other brand has this type of technology?? Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and awareness.  Acure Organics is an amazing company on a mission!

Have you tried Acure??


  1. Wow this lotion looks awesome esp for the price tag of only $9 for being organic and natural. That's not bad at all!

    1. It's a great brand and their price point can't be beat! You should get it out!

  2. I'm a sucker for packaging and this one is really nice, looks expensive and if the product is that good then even better ^^

    1. This is the newer used to be in a bottle with a flip cap! This is much better :)

  3. Wow, sounds like a great product! I also have dry skin too and have always hated when I used a product that wasn't moisturizing enough for me. Thanks for sharing this review!

    1. Thanks for commenting :) Most lotions leave my skin wanting more....they one truly hydrates :)

  4. sounds awesome, wish it was moe widely available though!