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Boots No7 Poppy King Lip Crayons

Have you heard of Poppy King?? Well, she is an Australian Entrepreneur and creator of Lipstick Queen, a 1940's inspired lipstick brand that she created at the age of 17!! Pretty crazy :)  Throughout her years, she has partnered with several companies including Kate Spade and J.Crew to bring luscious lips around the globe! And now....she can be found at Target!!
Poppy has done it again! This time partnering with UK brand Boots to bring us her inspiring colors to the drugstore market.
These are very similar to the whole "crayon" style lipsticks we have seen recently from brands like Revlon, Tarte and Clinique.  These crayon lipsticks come with a built in sharper in the cap which is the only downfall I see. I do wish these were the twist type as it can be a pain in the ass to sharpen but this is actually more hygienic!
This "Rain Drop" is a 70's inspired collection available in five bold colors! Playing (coral red), Singing (berry pink), Skipping (sheer brownish pink), Dancing (raspberry pink), Smiling (a bright red)

Here are some swatches:

 From Left to Right: Playing, Smiling, Dancing, Skipping, Singing

As you can see these babies are bright, bold colors with a moisturized look and feel. And I LOVE these!! They give the lip a beautiful healthy sheen and lots of color and have no scent whatsoever! I was very conservative and only picked up one...Smiling, the bright bold red to try and review!

Smiling on me is a bright cranberry red! Super classy :) The staying power is actually really good with this color, not sure about the others as this is the only one I purchased.  I personally haven't tried the Revlon version but I have tried the Clinique and the No7 is definitely more opaque! Fuller, richer color, longer lasting and not so...not sure how to describe this but runny.  Does that makes sense? I just find the formulation much thicker! The Tarte crayons are more similar to these but without the peppermint although they have more of a variety! Along with the thicker, longer lasting formulas comes a bit of a drying effect...I did notice this a tiny bit but nothing too extreme.  I will be purchasing a few more as these are simply fabulous!

I would also like to mention that some of the colors do leave a stain...
I personally like this because you are still left with a bit of color after it wears off :)

So...whatcha think?? Will you try these out??


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