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Traveling Essentials

I recently traveled to Boise Idaho to have mircoblading. After a tad over 12 hours on the road in less than 48 hours, it got me thinking about how important it is to take care of your skin even when traveling. I also thought this post would be helpful because traveling season is among us. The following tips are those that should be applicable year round because you always need to protect your skin, even on a cloudy or rainy day. So, here are my traveling saviors! Traveling is so hard on my skin whether traveling by plane or car. Traveling in recirculated air, whether air conditioned or heated can severely dehydrate the skin. Worse, those pesky UV rays beaming through windows hit the skin like a freight train, causing some serious damage. While on my latest trip seen here, I took along some staple products to help keep my skin protected from the elements. Below are a few key items that are absolutely essential when traveling. 

Pixi Beauty Sun Milk SPF30

First, the biggest cause of skin damage are UV rays so bringing extra sunscreen is a must, especially when traveling. Unfortunately, UV rays are more intense at higher altitudes so if you have a window seat on a flight, sunscreen is a must. This sun mist from Pixi Beauty has SPF30 and is super easy to use. It has a lightweight, milky consistency that doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. It comes in a pump container and is less than 3 fl. oz. so it meets TSA regulations for air travel. I have only tried this on my body and it works very well. Once applied and massaged into the skin, this leaves no residue and is virtually scent free. I used this on my recent trip, both while driving and walking around outside and I didn't get sunburned, which is remarkable because I usually burn even with spf on. The trick is to reapply every hour especially if you are super fair like me. 

Some people think that the glass on car or plane windows somehow protects you from UV rays but this is simply untrue. For cars, some higher end car manufacturer's do have a UV shield coating on their windows but it does not block or deflect all UVA/UVB rays. I feel like I often sound like a broken record when it comes to wearing sunscreen but it is very important and will help you look younger, longer. This is so especially true for the hands, arms and chest. I can always tell a person's age by looking at those particular areas because most people forget to protect those vulnerable spots.

Below is the mist sunscreen sprayed twice on my hand. On the right side, I pressed the mist into the skin and as you can see, it absorbs nicely without looking greasy or oily. 

Overall, I am pretty damn impressed with this sun mist because of the ease of use, formula and the fact that I didn't burn at all! I would highly recommend checking this out. I haven't tried many products from Pixi Beauty but the items I have tried, I have been very happy with. 

Where to Purchase:

2.70 fl. oz  here at Pixi Beauty  **Save $5 off your first purchase here**

Use Code: PIXIFRIENDS17 to save 20% until May 23rd, 2017

Next, sunscreen powder is something I have been using for 5+ years. We all know that it is vital that you reapply sunscreen but when you are wearing makeup, it is almost impossible to do. There might be those out there that will completely remove their makeup to reapply sunscreen but that ain't me! That is why I love sunscreen powder because it allows you to reapply sunscreen even over makeup. My favorite SPF powder is this one from the brand Catrin. It contains organic ingredients, is scentless plus this is an all physical sunblock (titanium dioxide & zinc) so it perfect for sensitive skin like mine.

Here is the powder pressed onto the skin using the puff attached. As you can see, I am super pale so the color matches perfectly. Unfortunately this only comes in one shade so this might not work for those darker toned peeps.  This has a sponge puff as the applicator that an be removed and washed. Overall, I love this product! I have been using this for about 5 years now and I have gone through several jars. If you are fair to medium skin tone, I would highly recommend checking this out.

Where to Purchase:

Full size 12g $18.98 here at Amazon 

Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturing Soothing Mist:

One of the most commonly seen damage to the skin while traveling is loss of moisture. The skin cannot retain its' own moisture because the air conditioning or running the heater literally sucks out all the moisture making the skin resemble a desert. All that hydration that keeps our skin moist and plump evaporates. Keeping the skin hydrated by spritzing a facial mist is a great way to keep the skin moist and healthy. One product I absolute love is the Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Moisturizing Soothing Mist. 

The herbal mist offers an instant boost of refreshing moisture while soothing and calming stressed and parched skin. I also find the aromatherapy effect from the scent very relaxing, a bonus that helps calm my anxiety when traveling. I love the 30ml travel size shown above because the size makes it extremely traveling friendly for TSA and perfect for carrying in your purse. Overall, I have gone through a full size and now have a travel size in my purse at all times. This product really does hydrate, calm, soothe and keep my skin moisturized. I will warn you though that this has so many incredible hanbang (Korean medicinal) ingredients, it is very hard not to fall in love with this mist once you try it. I would highly recommend this mist for all skin types. 

Where to purchase: 
Travel Size $13.55 here on Amazon
Full Size $38  here at Cosme-De (currently on sale)
Full Size $45 here at
Full Size $45 here at

Final Thoughts:
Although I am post procedure and unfortunately unable to use sheet masks right now, sheet masks are another way to travel proof your skin. Sheet masks can offer the skin much need moisture and hydration. My concern with masking on an airplane or in a car is that sheet mask are usually used after you have cleansed your skin, which leaves the skin naked and vulnerable. My advice is not to use a sheet mask on the plane (or in a car) because you can expose the skin to unwanted skin damage. The exception is if you are seated in an area where the sun is not in direct contact with your skin. I have used a sheet mask on the plane before seen here but never near direct sun light exposure. If you must sheet mask during the day, my suggestion would be to make sure the window in your row is completely closed or opt for a night flight. The same can be said for masking in the car.  The materials of sheet masks do not block out damaging UV rays. Unless you are traveling at night, don't suffer the consequences of unwanted exposure. Be skin smart and just say no!

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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