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Leaders Labotica Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissue Review

I am very excited for this blog review! To be brutally honest, I have not been a fan of cleansing wipes. I have tried my fair share of cleansing wipes from big name brands such as Neutrogena and Olay. I have even ventured onto cleaner, greener brands like Yes to Carrots but all ending with the same result...irritated skin. The negative reaction to cleansing wipes have ranged anywhere from stinging and burning to turning bright pink which usually takes my skin days to recover. When Leaders USA sent me the Labotica Argan Oil Deep Cleansing Tissues to try, I was very hesitant. I was going to give them to a friend to test out on my behave but then curiosity got the better of me. Instead of passing the buck, I took a leap and, like always, I am forever the human guinea pig.

"Formulated with argan oil, these deep cleansing tissues softly remove make up and dead skin cells while cleansing and nourishing the skin".- from website!

To start, I like to begin all reviews with stating my skin type and concerns. I also like to mention YRMV, a basic disclaimer. My skin type during this time of the year is combination. My skin can be quite sensitive, temperamental and acne prone. However, with the incorporation of Curology treatment and more recently, Differin seen here, my skin seems to be less prone to breakouts but more prone to dehydration and flakey skin. My review will reflect how this product works for my personal skin type and condition but as always, your results may vary (YRMV).

Patch Testing:
Every product I use goes through a very detailed patch testing period. I always patch test and I recommend patch testing to everyone. Although there is an argument out there that patch testing doesn't actually work seen here on The Beauty Brains, patch testing has saved my skin from some pretty seriously negative reactions. Although I do agree with TBB (and love this pod cast btw) that patch testing does not work against evaluating whether a certain product will cause breakouts, patch testing will help determine if your skin is allergic to the ingredients. This type of negative reaction is seen in the form of itching/stinging, intense flushing, burning, rash or hives.

I introduce new skin care products to my easily irritated skin by patching testing. Patch testing can look different for everyone but for me, I test products in stages. For these cleansing wipes, I applied it to my more sensitive areas which happens to be my neck, chest and behind my ears. I used one tissue as if I was going to remove makeup in those areas, letting the product sit on the skin for around 30 minutes. With other products like a serum or cream, I would apply a product twice within a 24 hour period. If all goes well, I begin to use the product all over. 

These are packaged in a soft, plastic dispensing container which is identical to baby wipes. Each package contains 50 tissues for $8.50 USD here.

Formula, Texture and Scent:
As you can see above, these wipes look like a white paper towel. Each sheet has a honey comb like pattern that help to dislodge dead skin cells that are just sitting on the skins' surface. Although that might sound abrasive, these are nice and soft. I also like the size of each wipe, not too big and not too small. The size however will work better for my cleansing needs because I rarely wear a full face of makeup. These do have a moderately strong floral, aloe like scent. 

The main ingredient in these cleansing wipes is argan oil, a beneficial source of lipids and fatty acids (mainly oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids). Argan oil is a non-frgranted plant oil that serves as an emollients and antioxidant. These also contain ingredients like papaya extract which helps to soften dead skin. You will also find skin soothing ingredients such as aloe vera juice and bupleurum falcatum, a root extract found in traditional Chinese medicine. This contains skin conditioners like chaenomeles sinesis fruit and vitamin E as well as fig extract which is nourishing and has moisturizing properties. 

Full Ingredients:
Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (500ppm), Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract, Chaenomeles Sinesis Fruit Extract, Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract, Polysorbate 20, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cocamidoproply Betaine, Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citric Acid, Cocamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Caprlyl Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Hexandiol, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance

I will start with the negatives...first, the scent is personally a little too strong. However, as the package indicates, you do wash these off so the scent won't have time to linger. Secondly, I would prefer these to be a bit more saturated. As with baby wipes, it is usually the last few wipes that are the wettest. You can help the wipes stay more balanced by rotating the package every few days. This will allow the more saturated wipes at the bottom moisten the others. For those using these to remove makeup, a more saturated wipe will make getting the job done a bit easier.

Now the positives...these didn't cause any negative reactions! Yay! I am still pretty surprised that I didn't have any issues with these wipes because of my prior experiences. Although I don't often wear a full face of makeup, these did remove my cushion foundation nicely. These are always great to have around with you are on the go, especially for traveling, camping or using at the gym.

Final Thoughts:
These cleaning tissues did work very well on my natural makeup days but do not help to remove heavier makeup with just one wipe. I had to use 2 wipes to get the job done. For those like me who do a ton of traveling, these are a great option because they are very traveling friendly, especially for TSA. Although these are super easy to use and are relatively effective, I do prefer my cleaning oil because I feel that I get a more thorough 1st cleanse (makeup/sunscreen layer) than using these cleansing tissues. I would repurchase if I know I will be doing a ton of traveling or going anywhere that isn't ideal location to use a cleansing oil.

Side Note:
I have been making my son, who is 16 years old and very acne prone, use these tissues in the morning to cleanse. He really needs to wash his face twice daily but that is like pulling teeth aka lazy teenager. These cleansing wipes have been a savior in the mornings! He can quickly wipes around a tissue and rinse. Since incorporating these into his morning routine, I have noticed his skin has been less oily, more balanced and he is breaking out less.

Where can you purchase:
These cleansing tissues can be purchased at LeadersUSA

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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