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Skin 18 Mask Review #3

Skin18 is a website where I often purchase my sheet masks because they offer a wide variety of brands at great prices. Another huge plus is that you can receive free masks when you order. They also have a point system where you can earn chips to use toward your purchase. If you haven't tried out Skin18 you can sign up here and save 15% off your order.

First, let me start with this mask I recently reviewed on my Instagram channel. This is the Snail Repairing Mask from the brand Cracare and this is a 3 step mask. This contains an amouple, sheet mask and night cream. Because I have sensitive skin I usually don't use these multiple step masks because it doesn't allow time to patch test but I thought I'd give the mask a try. Unfortunately I couldn't find a full list of ingredients but some main ingredients include adenosine, snail filtrate, daisy extract, mugwort and aloe. This had a very generic floral scent and the material of the mask was soft but a little thick and not very saturated. The essence itself was a clear watery texture but the mask didn't adhere very well to my face and only lasted about 15 mins. This mask is suppose to firm and brighten however, I didn't see any results aside from hydrating and some plumping. I wouldn't repurchase because they are far better masks that are less expensive and offer better results

Next is the Luke Vitamin Hydrogel Eye PatchThis is the exact eye patch mask brand that I reviewed here but unlike that review, the Nutrition Pumping did brighten, almost lighten my under eyes. Since I don't use nose patches, I made the Mister use it and here is his review on the Luke Mugwort Nose Strip. He said it smelt weird but it ended up being the best nose strip he's ever used so I will be ordering more for him.
Another mask from Luke is the Collagen Essence MaskNotable ingredients include panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen, cucumber, aloe, chamomile, mugwort (repairs, soothes) orchid (retains moisture) and willow bark which is both an anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant. The sheet itself was soft and saturated with essence but not dripping. The material was slightly too thick but the fit was good. I kept this on for 15 minutes and after removing, my skin was very plump and hydrated. I was surprised to see that my redness wasn't reduced, very odd because of all the soothing ingredients.

Next is the Strawberry Yogurt Pack wash off mask from Purederm. As you can see from the picture below, this is a slightly creamy yogurt style mask that is said to hydrate and provide light exfoliation. Notable ingredients include yogurt powder which contains natural lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells. The little red pieces in this formula are said to contain a "special essence" but looking at the ingredients, I don't see anything special. This does contain strawberry fruit extract which is rich in vitamin C so it can have some lightening effects as well as it naturally contains alpha-hydroxyl acid so it can lightly exfoliate. I didn't see any lightening/brightening effects but my skin was a bit smoother and soft. I would not repurchase because there are far better wash off masks out there.

Lastly, the Modeling Cup Vitamin Pack from the brand Inoface. If you haven't noticed, I review most of my skin care masks on my Instagram channel :)

First the claims, which are many so I'm just gonna list them all: build elastin, smooth, brighten, nourish, improve skin tone, clarify, cool, control sebum and moisturize. Now the ingredients: diatomaceous earth (exfoliant), glucose and zea mays (humectants), ascorbic acid and strawberry fruit extract (skin conditioners). Strawberry extract is also know to contain vitamin C and polyphenols. Strawberry extracts also has skin lightening abilities, soothing properties, exfoliates, reducing sebum plus help the destruction of collagen.

Application was very easy and it had a sweet scent similar to Pez candy but it dissipated. This is a modeling mask or sometimes called a rubber mask that hardens and comes off looking like rubber, hence the name. I kept this on for 25 minutes and it was a pain in the butt to remove. I've tried other rubber masks that come off in one piece if you're careful. This left so much behind and picking/peeling it off was annoying. I guess I wouldn't be as annoyed if I saw more results but sadly, results were minimal. This cooled and soothed, help even out my skin tone a bit and gave my skin some added hydration but nothing spectacular. I have found that these modeling masks are often too much work for little skin care benefit.

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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