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May Spring Repasse 6 Energy Super Whitening Cream Review

Today I want to review the Repasse 6 Energy Super Whitening Cream by May Springs that I recently won in a giveaway. Since my recent battle with acne has subsided and my skin is finally back to normal, I have been trying to test as many whitening products as possible to help fade some post acne scars. As you can imagine, I was pretty stoked to test out this cream and see if it lives up to its claims. 

This cream comes in a beautiful and sturdy glass jar that has a unique and simplistic design. It looks rather sophisticated hanging out on my counter. I am all about minimal but stylish packaging.

When I first opened the jar, this cream looked rather thick but to my surprise, this cream is rather lightweight. It may look fairly dense but this melts into the skin and absorbs fairly well. The formula does contain a handful of natural oils such as olive and macadamia so it does leave a slight oil residue so I opted to only use this cream only at night. I don't mind using something a little heavy in my night time routine but I think it may be too heavy for daytime use for my combination to normal skin type. This cream is concentrated so a little goes a long way so I would be careful not to over apply otherwise it will just sit on top of the skin. This does have a nice fresh lemon citrus scent that dissipates upon application. I personally enjoyed the uplifting lemony fragrance but it does fade quickly. This moisturizer does gives a nice subtle glow to the skin without making you look shiny or glittery thanks to the titanium dioxide. I know some other reviewers have mentioned that this cream makes them look white due to the high amount of titanium dioxide but having super pale skin, I did not experience this problem. This is also paraben free and mineral oil free.

Some of the notable ingredients are niacinamide, olive and macadamia oils, a handful of fruit oils (lime and orange) and other plant and root extracts, centella asistica, rice extract and licorice. 

After a few days of patch testing, I started using this cream at night only for the past week. I cannot rave more about the packaging...I just think it is simple yet beautiful. I do love some of the ingredients such as niacinamide and licorice which are great for brightening as well as centella which helps with scaring plus soothes and helps protect the moisture barrier. It does contain a few varieties or plant/herbal extracts and fruit oils but my sensitive skin did not have any negative reactions or breakouts. My skin did look plump and a little brighter in the morning but my skin did feel a bit oily. As far as any long term results, of course I would need to continue daily use to truly test the claims of having whitening abilities. I will continue to use this moisturizer and report back if I see any changed but overall this is just an ok cream that I would most likely not repurchase.

Stay Beautiful❤️


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