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Delight 18 Sun Cushion and Tinttox Balm Review

Today’s review is on a few makeup products from the brand Delight 18. I won both of these in a recent giveaway and they are both pretty unique and deserve a full review.

Let's start with the Delight 18 I U White Pang Cellapy Sun Cushion SPF 38 PA +++

This cushion is unlike others I have tried because this is not a typical cushion foundation. This is a sun cushion that helps protect the skin from the environment and damaging UV rays. It also conditions and whitens the skin. It can be found here on Wishtrend and retails for around $24USD


As you can see from the above pictures this cushion is white and leave a bright sheen, almost slightly sparkly finish. This is very concentrated so a little goes a very long way. This contains 24 amino acids, 5 peptides and 14 other vitamins and extracts that treat the skin.

Now can we talk about this case! It's so adorable with the Bichon on the cover who can resist. Inside you find a typical ruby cell puff that is almost identical to the Iope or Innsifree puffs. The cushion itself is a bit more porous then the Iope or Innisfree cushion so you can't push down too hard or you get way too much product. This has a slight floral scent that dissipates.

I know what you might be if it's white, how does it look? The picture below is a before and after picture. As you can see from the right photo, my skin looks brighter and more even toned. I do not have any other makeup on in this photo so I could show the effect this cushion gives the skin. Please excuse my horrible dark circles.

My skin is about a N3-NC/NW 10 in Mac so even though this cushion is white, it actually doesn't look too bad on my skin. I am so pale that it almost unnoticeable LOL. It almost blurs my skin so it looks more even toned and less blotchy. 

This product is pretty unique to say the least. I have never tried a white cushion before! I love the skin care benefits this provides and the sun protection factor. As far as ingredients, I cannot rave more about this product. Because my skin is so fair, I could use this my itself but as far as the other reviews I have read, most people do not like this product because it is white! You could use this under your foundation but it might be too heavy. I don't think this is the lightest weight product but it's not the heaviest. It makes my skin feel hydrated and comfortable and I love how bright my face looks. I understand the negative reviews but overall, I am happy I won this product as I would have never purchased otherwise. I might repurchase because even though I don't wear makeup everyday this still provide my skin with beneficial skincare and extra sun protection. It also makes my skin seem more "awake" and living with Fibromyalgia I'll take anything that makes me look less dead! 

Next up is the Delight 18 Finger Made TintTox Balm:

This is a tin style plumping lip balm that hydrates and protects dry lips. This can be found here on Wishtrend and retails for around $11 USD

This is a tin style lip balm that gives the lips a slight tint. This is suppose to plump but I didn't experience any plumping. Even though I don't see or feel any plumping, I love products like this that give my lips a hint of color and are hydrating all at the same time. As you can see from the above picture, my lips are thin and tend to be dry so anything that keeps them hydrated is a plus. This does have a slight citrus scent that is quite refreshing but subtle. This also leaves a slight tint behind but it is very naturally looking. 

I would repurchase this as it is very similar to the famous Dior Lip Glow but a third of the price. Plus this smells like citrus which I like better than the Dior. The only con is the container because you have to use your finger but I have been bringing a travel friendly lip brush so re-applying is a breeze. This hydrates fairly well but I would definitely need something richer for winter time. I also love the tint it gives my lips, a very natural lip look perfect for everyday.

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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