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Skincare Goals

It has been exactly one year since all my skin care trouble began. I thought it would be nice to not only updated you all on my progress but chat about some of my current skin care goals.

To begin, I want to recap this past year. About this time last year, I started to develop cystic acne. It was really out of the blue and I am not sure exactly what trigger the onset but I had never had that bad of acne in my life, even as a teenager. I spent months trying to clear my skin, sought out help from my doctor, tried a handful of medications but nothing I was trying made a whole lot of difference. For those of your who don't read my blog, you can read more about this process here!

Here is a pictures of me a year ago, during my heavy breakout period and me today. Is my skin perfect? Nope but it's a huge improvement from where it was a year ago

Me today

My skin care goal moving forward a year later....

1. I want to even out my skin tone and fade post acne scars

2. I want to fade a few spot of sun damage/hyperpigmentation/freckles

3.  I want to find an eye cream that won't cause milia! If you look at all these pictures you can see white pumps under my eyes :( This is milia caused from eye creams.

4. I want to try to brighten my under eyes. I have lots of darkness, mostly caused from my heritage and genetics. I am not sure how much I can lighten but I want to try!

5. I want to continue to keep my face acne free

These are not super crazy goals or unreachable high expectations so I am confident moving forward. If you have any suggestions on your favorite brightening products or a great eye cream suggestion please leave me a comment. And as always, thanks for reading and for your support

Stay Beautiful ❤️


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