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W.Lab CentelLace Ampoule Review

 *PR sample - Please see disclaimer 

Today I want to review the W.Lab CentelLace Ampoule. After about a week of patch testing, I finally began to incorporate this product into my daily skin care routine. It has been exactly one month of using this ampoule so I feel I have a good idea of how it works for my skin type and if I see any positive results. I would like to mention that this amouple is supposedly a very popular product in Korea and can be found inside many shopping malls.

The Claim:
This amouple contains 80% centella asiatica leaf extract and is advertised to be great for those with sensitive skin. Centella extract is a well known herb used to help treat skin damage. This herb helps to improve the circulatory system and is known for its healing abilities. Centella is also used for treating scars and preventing or reducing stretch marks. This extract is known to promote collagen productions and helps to strength skin and increase the skin's elasticity. Centella is an anti-inflammatory so it helps sooth and calm. 

Full Ingredients:
This is taken directly off the Q-Depot website.

I would like to point out that aside from the 80% Centella Extract, this also contains Niacinamide, Licorice Root Extract, Red Ginseng and other oriental medicine ingredients.

This ampoule comes in a package pump top container and contains 50ml of product. 

Patch Testing:
As always, before I incorporate a new skin care product into my routine I perform a series of patch tests. I first apply a dap of product to my temple, near my ear, neck and the inside of my elbow. I like to do this for two nights in a row just to make sure there is no reaction. I did not experience any sort of reaction, breakout, redness or inflammation.


This is a watery ampoule. It is not sticky or tacky and spreads easily. It absorbs fairly quickly so I work in sections when I apply.

This has a very light, soft fresh earthly scent and it dissipates quickly.

I was pretty impressed by this product because it did help decrease skin redness and sensitivity. I actually noticed a difference when I did not use this product at least once a day. When I skipped this ampoule for another product in my heaping stash, my skin seem to be more irritated. This did calm my skin down and was very soothing.  On active red blemishes, this decrease redness and did speed up the healing time. I cannot speak to the claim that it helps heal scars because that is too hard to tell which product is actually healing and fading my post acne scar as I use so many products including my RX from Curology.

I must say that I would repurchase again based on the fact that this did soothe my sensitive skin. This did calm and reduce the redness and irritation. As far as the claim that this product helps to strengthen skin, I will say that this is hard to measure scientifically. I am always under the mind set that if it helps to calm and soothe, then your skin is not inflamed, therefore the moisture barrier is not compromised. Think of your moisture barrier like a shield. When your moisture barrier is strong, the elements bounce off. When it is damaged or compromised, that shield gets holes and tears so things can easily penetrate into the skin to cause damage. So in a sense, this helps to promote healthy skin because it helps to keep the moisture barrier intact, thus making skin more healthy overall. I have been using a variety of different skin care products that contain centella and I have been pretty impressed in what this extract can do for the skin.


This is a press sample that I received from Q-Depot, a leading online retailer specializing in Korean cosmetics. New to Q-Depot? They are offering my readers $25 in coupons just for signing up here!

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