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December Mask Maven by Beauteque

December's Mask Maven arrived and I was happy to see that this month's theme was an assortment of different sheet masks. Don't get me wrong, the themed monthly sets are nice but not all people have the same skincare concerns.
As always, this month came in a mesh bag and this time it came with a description card unlike last months fiasco here

Masks included:
Urban Dollkiss 3-Go Mask Sheet - Hyaluronic Acid
Mediheal Dress Code Mask - Violet
SNP Animal Mask - Tiger
Scinic My Juicy Bottle Mask - Aqua
My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird's Nest Mask
Dr. Mortia's Snail Hydrating Mask
Holika Holika's Baby Silk Hand Mask 

Again, this monthly subscription is through and overall I am on the fence with this subscription service. I purchased a few months ago when Beauteque was offering a 30% off discount which is the only reason I signed up. I purchased a full year subscription which equals to spending about $11 USD per month.

There were a total of 9 masks this month so the value is around $20 USD, overall a decent deal but in all honestly, I am a bit disappointed. My hope is that Beauetque will start offering more variety in the coming months. Each month it seems like there is always a Tony Moly mask, which seriously these are not the greatest mask.  I think the only reason they include bigger named brands is to get people to sign up. There are so many companies out there that make sheet masks! For those of us Asian Beauty enthusiasts, we have already tried the more well known brands like Tony Moly and are unimpressed. I feel that Beauteque is failing to tap into that market of lesser known brands which makes the Mask Maven subscription almost redundant in a way. What are your thoughts?? Is there another monthly mask service that is better than this because I am kind of shaking my head right about now :/

Stay Beautiful ❤️


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