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Current Lip Balm Stash

I freely admit that I am a lip balm addict! I have been obsessed with Burt's Bee's, both the Honey and the Original balm for years. However, back in 2007 Burt's Bees was sold to Clorox for millions! It is hard to imagine this small little company grew to be a million dollar business only to sell out to one of the largest corporations here in the US. It is very sad because the integrity of Burt's Bees was once of good character, doing what is right for the environment and the consumers. I do not buy anymore Burt's Bees products because I will not support a company that continues to pollute the environment and tests on animals! How cruel!

Ok, so stepping off my soap box, here is the review!

Although I will not purchase Burt's Bees products, I have several lip balms still unused. I will be using them up and moving away from this brand. However, the Honey and Original lip balms are fantastic. I especially love the Honey as it is thicker without the heavy waxy feel and hydrates so well. Too bad :( But I have found better options that work even better!!

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