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Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Cream Review

Today I wanted to review the Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Cream.  This is not really a cream but a very light weight hydrating moisturizer for those with troubled skin. It is an easily absorbed gel that relieves skin troubles and controls sebum with long lasting moisturizing effects.  It is gentle and refreshing and contains anti-baterial properties.

It is made with parsley and mandarin extracts as well as dandelion and lily.  It also contains nano technology for clearer, faster results.

Instructions: Apply an adequate amount to face (preferably after the Parsley and Mandarian Essence) during day or night time regime.  Gently pat for absorption.

This gel cream is meant for someone with acne and oily skin.  It is a very strong herbal scented gel that is very refreshing and cooling to the skin and helps to reduce breakouts and kill bacteria as well as reduce inflammation and redness.  While this was extremely light weight, I found that it did not hydrate my skin enough! I have a skin that is easily dehydrated and more combination than oily.  This product would be better recommended for someone with a true oily skin that has light acne problems.  I do feel that is did help reduce the inflammation of active acne spots and did reduce redness in my just wasn't moisturizing enough. I feel that the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly is a much better product with better results and more hydration!

Have you tried Skinfood??

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