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40 Before 40

I saw this going around the blog community and thought to myself....this would be a good opportunity to get some resolutions out on the table going forward.  I am going to dedicate this to life after divorce and moving on, writing a list of things I want to accomplish before turning the BIG 40!!   Here it goes!

1.  Finish a grad degree
2.  Change career
3.  Meet a nice man who will love me for who I am
4.  Write a novel
5.  Travel to Europe
6.  Travel throughout the US
7.  Learn Korean more fluently 
8.  Blog more often
9.  Read more
10.  Learn how to design blogs
12.  Learn how to do media art
13. Buy a house to raise my son and take care of my family
14.  Lose 20 pounds and keep it off
15.  Start doing yoga again weekly
16.  Work on my clothing style
17.  Get a tattoo
18.  Make love in the Caribbean!
19.  Pay off my car
20.  Pay off debt
21.  Have a savings of at least 6 months salary
22.  Earn a good salary to support my family
23.  Learn how to forgive 
24.  Learn how to love again
25.  Take 5 cooking classes
26.  Go on a cross country road trip 
27.  Go to a nude beach and be nude!
28.  Take communion in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
29.  Drink Tequila in Mexico
30. Sing karaoke
31.  Go camping
32. Spend more time praying than worrying
33.  Host an ugly xmas sweater party
34. Get more organized
35.  Start a journal and keep it up
36. Go to the Monterey Aquarium 
37.  Take my son to the Redwood National Forest
38.  Take a photography class
39.  Learn to be more patient
40.  Visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam

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