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Skincare 101 Pt. 1

One of the biggest and most common questions I get on a daily basis is how to achieve great skin! People search high and low and spend so much money to find the perfect skin care regime.  But what is great skin??

Although the right facial products will improve your skin, it is what you put into your body that really counts!! The skin is the largest organ in your body and in order for it to function properly, you need to feed it properly!

Ok, so you are probably saying to yourself "yeah yeah" or "whatever"but it is so true! What you feed your body will have much more of an effect on your skin and overall health.  You can use the most expensive creams and serums but if you are not eating a well balanced diet you are basically throwing your money away!

A little background....I have been a licensed Esthetician for over 10+ years (Wow...that really dates me) and I have taken many extended education and advanced skincare courses to help further my knowledge of the skin.  Yet the best teaching I have received regarding the skin has been from my Chinese doctor and acupuncturist!

Chinese medicine and ancient Ayurveda is a very complex and deeply rooted form of healing medicine that can get rather complicated but I will try to simplify it for you....It's all about harmony and balance!  Illness occurs when the body is out of balance.

A form of Chinese medicine that I have found quite fascinating now for the past 5 years is Face Mapping.  The ancient art of face reading has been used by Chinese doctors since the time of Confucius to aid, diagnosis and help patients.  The Chinese medicinal philosophy is based on the belief that the skin provides an outside view into the body and its internal systems.'s a lot of swallow! The bottom line here is what is going on inside your body can be visible on the outside, is so important to feed your body with healthy foods!

So...what is your face telling you??

Acne for example in not a mystery! Acne is caused by what is going on internally.  Example: If you breakout more on your forehead this can mean that you are eating foods that are too greasy or overly processed or you may be drinking too much alcohol. You might be eating too many processed and pasteurized foods.  I am not saying that all of our skin care aliments come from merely internal causes...acne on the forehead could so be caused my wearing hats, sweating and the hair products you may use.  It could also very well be a hormone imbalance.  Stress is also a biggie!! I know when I am stressed it really throws my body out of whack! Generally when diagnosing the skin, many factors are examined.

If you would like I can do an entire post on face mapping but really my intentions for this post is simply, "You are what you eat"  A healthy inside will produce a healthy outside that no expensive cream can duplicate.  It is all about what you put into your body that really counts!

Yes, skin care products are important as well as how you use them so stay tuned, I will explain those in more detail in future posts. For now I will leave you with these questions....

What do you think? Can what you eat effect your skin?


  1. This is an amazing skin care post babe! So informative... I def learned something new!!! Woo hoo :)

  2. I loved reading this :) I hope you'll write more about it! Would also love a "My Skin Journey/History" type of post :)

  3. I am really into natural and Chinese medicine too. You are what you eat is so true, my skin improves with a balanced diet and lots of water. Great post!

  4. ahh that is such a good face map - so true! that I rarely eat fried food..what I eat definitely affects how my skin appears.. if I eat something bad it will appear somewhere in my body, be it a pimple on my face or forehead or even an ulcer on my mouth (yuck lol). Sugar does the same to me too, but I can't stop with choc D: lol


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