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Skinfood Eye Mask Review

So after returning from my trip to LA ( IMATS update coming soon ) I decided my under eyes needed a little TLC. Traveling can really take a toll on your skin, especially air travel.  Even though I did take very good care of my skin while visiting Los Angeles, the skin around my eyes looked tired and dull.

That very night of arriving back in Portland, I pulled out the Skinfood Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet from my stash and after washing my face and toning, I applied the eye sheets and relaxed!
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After opening up the outer package you find this plastic sealed tray inside. You simple just peel off the seal and there will be two eye sheets saturated in the treatment essence.

Carefully take them out of the tray and place them under your eye, as close to the bottom eye lashes as possible. As you can see from this picture, my skin is a little red but what you don't see is the level of dehydration! My skin was irritated, red and sluggish! It really needed a nice little pick me up ^.^ 

If you have experienced or experimented with sheet masks for the eye area before you will understand how incredible cooling, hydrating and nourishing they are for the delicate area of the eye.  These sheets are saturated in essence, a serum filled with good food for the skin. 

First impression was not positive! First, the sheets were not a paper sheet but a rubbery plastic concoction! Secondly, the sheets were not saturated hardly at all!! This is due to the fact that they were made out of a non porous material which does not allow for absorption! When you have a thin paper like substance it will soak up to essence....these rubber sheets only had essence on the surface. Big disappointment!! 

After applying the sheet masks, I laid in bed in the dark and cuddled with my cat Riley for about 20 minutes.  The masks did feel cooling but since they had little essence on them , they dried very quickly!

Removal is easy, just carefully peel them off! Again, since these were not saturated they almost felt like they got stuck to my under eye skin :( WTH!! I could not believe it!! 

Needless to say I was very unimpressed with these eye sheets which is a shame because I do love a lot of products from the Skinfood brand. I just didn't like the sheet material itself and they did little to hydrate and nourish. I will stick to my favorite eye sheet masks from BeautyMate!!

Rating: 0/5

What are your favorite eye masks??


  1. Such a bummer that these weren't a hit! My fave eye masks are the Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Masks. I actually need to buy a box of them. They really are amazing!

  2. That's a shame that they didn't have enough essence on them! My favourite eye masks are the Nano Bright ones, they are super saturated with essence!

  3. I love this post :)
    It's just great!!

  4. such a beautiful post honey
    congratulations =)

  5. I'm new to sheet face masks but I find them very convenient. I haven't tried Skinfood products yet, so your review is quite useful because now that I've experienced whole face masks I wanted to see what else is out there and I'm definitely staying away from these. Thanks hun! xo

  6. Ah sorry to hear these eye masks didn't work well for you. I know SkinFood is really popular but my experience with their products is either hit or miss. Better luck next time!


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