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First Impression: 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm Glow

I wanted to share my first impressions on a product that I recently got from BB Cosmetic. Although I mainly focus on skincare, I wanted to branch out a little and try out a new complexion enhancing item that still promises skin care benefits. This post will not be a full review because I am still testing out this items but it will provide some insight on how this product is working for my skin. This first impression post was highly requested after my unboxing "stories" on my Instagram channel.


Here is my first impression on the popular 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm Tone Up Cream in the updated version called Glow. The original formula, the Vanishing Self Tone Up Whitening Cream got a ton of praise on the highly rated Get It Beauty Show in Korea. The difference in the two is that the Glow version is gives the skin more of a healthy glow rather than making the skin appear "whiter". This products is a skin tone enhancing cream that gives the skin an instant radiant glow and evens out the complexion. This also claims to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores. The formula is rich in antioxidants to help strengthen and protect the skin from environmental damage. This also contains a collections of medicinal extracts that are known for their anti-aging properties. This comes in a 50ml pump tube.

As you can see from the above picture, this is a light weight creamy lotion that gives the skin a beautiful and natural glow. This also contains jojoba and sesame oil plus sodium hyaluronate to keep the skin plump, hydrated and balanced. 
The picture above is the left side of my face after applying one layer of the Glow Balm and the right side is just bare skin. As you can see, the left side of my face is definitely brighter and less red. It really worked at making my skin appear more awake, especially under my eye. You can really tell the difference with my under eye area as the left side with the Glow Balm is really bright and less dark (damn you dark circles).  Overall, my first impression is that it does brighten and give my skin a beautiful subtle glow without looking like a glittery disco ball plus I love the skin loving ingredients. I am excited to continue to use this product and give you all a full review soon.

I have been ordering products from BB Cosmetic for about a year now and I really love their selection of popular kbeauty brands, amazing sales and great shipping. Speaking of....I reached out to BB Cosmetic and ask if I could get a discount code to offer to my amazing readers and they said yes! So here is it!
The 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm Tone Up Cream in Glow is currently on sale for $24 USD (original price is $37 USD) here. Again, I will continue to use this product for a few more weeks and will post a full review very soon so stay tuned. 

Stay Beautiful ❤️



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  2. will you please post a picture of the ingredient list on the box here? or list it here please?

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