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Skin18 Mask Review #2

I recently tried out a bunch of sheet masks from the brands Holika Holika and Nature Republic that I got from Skin 18. This post will be reviewing those masks or recapping reviews I have posted on my Instagram channel.

Let's first get a little background information on the brands I am about to review. First, Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetic lined created in 2010. Holika Holika features eye catching packaging that offer high quality products at affordable prices. The vision for this brand is to provide fun, happy and eye catching cosmetic products that enhance the beauty in all. Second, Nature Republic was established in 2009 and features cosmetics that are inspired by nature. Nature Republic's passion and philosophy is to provide high quality products derived from Mother Nature. I am apart of the USA reviewer team so these masks were sent to me for review purposes but my thoughts and opinions are my own as with all my reviews.

First up is the Juicy Tomato Mask for Holika Holika. This mask features no parabens, mineral oil, coloring or silicons. The sheet itself wasn't super saturated so I used the extra essence inside the package to saturate the mask after putting it on. There was a scent but it's hard to describe...almost smelt like the veggie/fruit department at a grocery store but it dissipated pretty quickly. Notable ingredients include hyaluronate, kiwi, lime, strawberry, allantoin and of course solanum lycopersicum (tomato) which is high in vitamins A, C & K and is a potent antioxidant. Tomatoes are great at firming, fighting acne and help brighten. This mask lasted about 20 minutes and the sheet itself was soft and fairly thin. It also had about a handful of additional clear essence that is not sticky that I used to give a pampering facial massage. My skin was a little brighter and hydrated after removing but I will say my skin looked very nice this morning, more even, hydrated and less red. 

Next up is the Juicy Mango Mask from Holika Holika.  Again, this mask features no parabens, mineral oil, coloring or silicons. Just like the tomato, the sheet wasn't super saturated so I used the extra essence inside the package to saturate the mask after putting it on. This mask smelt very fruity  but was a bit synthetic. This contains sodium hyaluronate, mango, apple, watermelon and peach fruit extracts and allatotoin which helps to soothe. This does contain alcohol as the second ingredient so those sensitive should stay clear of this mask. I kept this on for about 20 minutes and aside from hydrating my skin, this did give my face an instant glow which surprised me. It was short lived but at least it did give me some instant gratification.

Now onto the masks from Nature Republic. The first one I'd like to review is the Real Fresh Mask in Olive. Noteworthy ingredients include carrageenan and cladosiphon okamuranus (fancy for seaweed), olive fruit extract, adenosine (yeast derived ingredient, good for soothing, restoring/anti-aging), pathenol, hyaluronate, lemongrass (anti-bacterial), baobab (antioxidant), carrot extract and polyglutamin acid. This was a saturated 100% cotton mask sheet that lasted about 20 minutes, was super thin and comfortable to wear. There was a heaping handful of leftover essence but it was a little heavy and sticky so I didn't use it. My skin did look less red, a bit more even toned and more hydrated. There are definitely cheaper masks out there that offer better results so I would not repurchase. 

Next is the Real Fresh Mask in Lemon shower above. Again, this mask is made from 100% cotton and was soft, thin and saturated with essence. Ingredients include aloe vera leaf water, niacinamide, pathenol, sodium hyaluronate, lemon, lime and kiwi fruit extracts. This mask lasted about 20 minutes and after removing my skin was noticeable brighter. The essence wasn't as sticky as the olive and had a frshing citrus scent.

Next is the Pomegranate and like the Olive mask above, this contained ingredients such as seaweed, adenosine (yeast derived ingredient, good for soothing, restoring/anti-aging), pathenol, hyaluronate, baobab (antioxidant), fig, pathenol for soothing and of course pomegranate. Pomegranate is a potent antioxidant and filled with rich vitamins, 3x the about as red wine and green tea. This smelt of alcohol although it is further down on the ingredient list but thought I should mention it. This mask had the same material and fit as lemon one above and I removed after 20 minutes. The essence itself was super sticky so I didn't use the left over essence. Even after patting the remaining essence into my skin, there seemed to be a film or residue....either way, aside from some hydration this mask did not do anything and I would not recommend.

The Blueberry mask has the same review, basically the same ingredients except for the fig. This one had blueberry and blackberry fruit extract that are suppose to perk up tired skin. After trying so many Nature Republic masks I am not sure why I was surprised that the essence in this one was sticky just the like others and again, this one had a strong alcohol smell. Aside from some extra hydration, this did not vitalize my skin nor did it brighten.

Finally, this was my favorite (Olive is the runner up) out of all the Nature Republic masks. This contains aloe water, camellia sinensis leaf extract (green tea), carrageenan extract, adenosine, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, olive leaf, soybean, lemongrass and polyglumatic acid (amino acid). As you can see the fit was good and the material is super thin and soft plus it really clung to my skin and was saturated in a clear, thick gel like essence that was unfortunately sticky, just like the others. This lasted about 25 minutes, had a little left over essence (which I didn't use) and it had a generic herbal/floral scent that was a little strong. After removing my skin was hydrated, slightly plump and some redness was decreased but that was about it. Any ingredients that offer anti-aging would not be seen instantly so overall not a bad mask but not great.

So there you have it, all my reviews on the Nature Republic Masks and two masks from Holika Holika. I will I had some better reviews but most of these mask underwhelmed me. The only one I'd consider repurchasing is the Holika Holika Tomato mask. I hope you have found this post helpful.

Stay Beautiful πŸ’œ

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