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LJH Leejiham Haul and HKC Plaza Review

Today's post is on a haul for Leejiham (LJH) products that I purchased recently from HKC Plaza. HKC Plaza is a website located in Singapore. I found out about this site through the Asian Beauty sub community on Reddit. I was first introduced to the LJH brand several years ago when I received a deluxe mini in a Memebox here!

About HKC Plaza:
As I stated above, I purchased these Leejiham products from HKC Plaza. When I first heard about this site on Reddit, I admit that I was not sure if the site was legit and reputable, selling genuine products. I decided to placed my first order with HKC Plaza a few months ago and posted this haul here on Instagram. I was happily surprised when my order arrived within a month and the products were indeed legit!! 

HKC Plaza is company based out of Singapore and often offers some excellent discount codes. I decided to order again for more LJH products when I discovered that they were offering a 60% off coupon code! I honestly could not resist such a great offer. I would also like to mention that HKC Plaza offers free international shipping and free registered shipping! You can't beat that :)  

Here is the packaging :( I will say the packaging on both orders from HKC Plaza have been delivered in a plastic bag. Yes, as you can see the products are wrapped very well in layers of bubble wrap but I am still a bit disappointed in shipping glass bottles (even with all the bubble wrap) in a flimsy plastic bag. On both orders, the products boxes were dented in the corners as you will see below.

Aside from the packaging, nothing arrived broken thank goodness but I would like to see this company upgrade on their shipping materials! 

Here is what I got: 
I purchased 2 back ups of my favorite Tea Tree 90 Essence. I had been hearing great things about the Tea Tree 80 Cream so I got one of those to test out. And lastly, I have been addicted to mists lately as mists are so beneficial for the skin throughout the day. I have heard some positive reviews so I decided to pick up the Tea Tree 70 Mist Toner.

I was happy that HKC Plaza included some nice samples.

Leejiham Dr.'s Care Vital Firming Skin and Firming Lotion
Leejiham Dr.'s Care Hydra Whitening Emulsion

I ordered on January 15th and received my order on February 2nd which to me is pretty quick shipping. Although the boxes were dented in the mail, I am very happy with my experience. Fast, free and registered shipping including some nice samples makes me a repeat customer. I do hope HKC Plaza does upgrade their shipping materials in the future but since both ordered were not damaged, this will not keep me from ordering. I especially love that they offer such great discount codes that make purchasing good quality skin care products more affordable.

Have you tried Leejiham products??

Stay Beautiful ❤️

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