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Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

I wanted to do a quick review on this mask I purchased from Korea a few months ago!

Innisfree is a natural based line from Korea. I have read numerous reviews on the original volcanic pore mask but saw they came out with a "super" version. I will say that I have never tried the original one so I cannot compare the two.  

Complete Ingredient list in English :-)

I love this mask! A lot actually :) It truly did absorb and help control the oily areas of my combination skin. It did tighten pores, only temporally but I think if you used this more often, you might have better long term results. It did exfoliate very nicely and left my skin so super soft and smooth!! I did not notice any real change in overall skin tone but then again, I only used it once in a while. It did deep clean my skin and did not cause any irritation or reaction and had a nice cooling effect!

This is a thick creamy clay mask and it does take some effort to spread. As the directions state in the above picture, I did remove using the rolling method and also just washed it off with a facial sponge. You will get more exfoliation by using the rolling method but honestly, my skin was super soft either way :)

Overall, I would definitely repurchase for the spring and summer months when my skin tends to be more oily. I would highly recommend to anyone with oily skin, clogged pores, or anyone looking for a deep cleansing mask.

Have you tried Innisfree?


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