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Memebox 3rd Edition Unboxing

Woohoo, a new blog post for you all today!! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!  I took some time off as the holidays are a busy time for me at work.  I also had tons of holiday gatherings and such to attend, thus, not leaving much extra time for blogging or Youtube!

However, one Christmas gift I received this year from my fiancé (oh and I forgot to tell you all that I got engaged!!) was a subscription service from Memebox, a Korean beauty box :-) What an amazing gift…as you all know I am obsessed with Korean beauty products and what an amazing gift to give to a Korean product junkie :)  There are so many companies now out there that offer monthly subscriptions beauty boxes but none that are solely dedicated to Korean products! 

So, how Memebox works is there are specific editions you can purchase, this is NOT a reoccurring monthly subscription like Birch Box! You can choose which edition(s) you want to purchase but they are limited, so ordering when they launch is recommended! You are notified by email when each new box is available. Each box is $21 USD plus a $7 USD shipping charge.  However, with each purchased box, you receive 7 points, which equals 7 dollars, so really, you are reimbursed for the shipping cost! You can use your points to purchase future boxes or to purchase full size products off their website, sort of like Birch Box.  

To begin, the presentation is fantastic.  Each box is carefully packaged and includes a full detailed product card as most of the actually products are all in Korean! The card gives you detailed information about the product and correct usage. Each box includes handpicked items by beauty experts in Korea and from the #1 beauty TV show, "Get It Beauty"!

Ok, so now on to the products!!

Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch (Full Size)

This is just like a mask for the face but for the lips to nourish and moisturize!

Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum (Full Size)

This eye serum is designed for sensitive eyes and includes 7 vitamins to brighten and decrease puffiness :-) So excited to try this with my Opal!

Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Eye Liner
Deep Black (Full Size)

Pretty self explanatory but I'm excited to try this as Korean eye liners are the best out there in my opinion.
Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red (Deluxe Sample)

This is Korean's best selling lip tint in a red color, perfect to achieve that gradient lip look :)

Dear by Enprani Bouce Cheese Cream 
(Deluxe Sample at 30ml!! ) 

This is a facial cream made from milk serum, or whey which is high in protein!

Artiaum Professional Eyelash 1Pair (Full Size)

A very natural pair of brown colored lashes that have a clear band!

Nuganic Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++ (Full Size)

This is a 3 in 1 sun protection with brightening and whitening properties! You know how I love my sunscreen :)

Banila Co It Radient Brightening Cream 1.5 ml 5 Packets (samples)

Banila Co. It Radiant CC Melting Pack 1.5 g (Sample)
Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream 10ml (Sample)

All of these products are to hydrate and even out tone and texture, all with a glow finish!

My Youtube Video!

Overall, first impress is that I am VERY impressed!! I have already ordered the 4th Edition!!  I can't wait to try all of these products and report the progress :)  

First Impressions Rating: A+ (so far without trying out the products!)
Box Cost: $28.00 with 7 points back
Actual Retail Vaule: $97 in full sized products plus deluxe/sample sized items



  1. Ooo this box isn't so bad. I like the multiple full sized products included in it. Makes it worth the price. I prob won't subscribe as I am NOT a fan of those monthly boxes but I am enjoying this post since I can't get one lol :)

    1. I am NOT a fan of monthly beauty boxes either! But one with all Korean products…that's exciting :)

  2. Full size products? And from brands that I actually know? Huge props to the team behind Memebox!


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