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Innisfree: The Minimum Skincare Review

Wow! It's been a long time! Life has been crazy...

Today I want to review some products from Innisfree! To start, the reason I chose to purchase the minimum line from Innisfree is because it is designed for those with sensitive skin. I wouldn't say my skin is sensitive all the time but it can get very irritated and extremely sensitive at times.  The other reason I wanted to try this line because of it is 94% natural derived ingredients!

All of these products do not contain the following:
Animal bi-products
Mineral oil
Acrylamide (cancer causing chemical)
Silicon oil
Formaldehyde (cancer causing chemical)
Synthetic dyes

The Minimum Toner

This mist style toner literally felt like I was spraying water on my face. I loved the idea of just spraying on a toner and it does come out in a very fine mist but I honestly don't think it did much but it really isn't formulated to do much other than hydrate. It did feel refreshing on the skin and was non irritating! 

The Minimum Essence

Again, although this essence/serum is very refreshing and contains no scent, I did not see any noticeable results other than hydration. This did provide a calming affect to the skin but nothing beyond just a non irritating light weight serum.

 The Minimum Moist Cream

Innisfree offers two types of moisturizers in this line, the moist cream or fresh cream. I believe the moist version is the thicker and more hydrating of the two. This is a creamy and slightly dense moisturizing cream in a tube. It did provide a good level of hydration and was non irritating. It was calming to the skin but did take some time for it to absorb. I feel this is better suited to someone with a dryer skin type.

Final Thoughts: Overall, these products are very good for sensitive, stressed or irritated skin. If you are looking for some basic products that are calming and soothing, this line is for you. It does not contain any active, anti-aging ingredients so it's great for those whose skin is very reactive. I do love that it is so natural and formulated without all the nasty harmful ingredients! However,  I would not repurchase only because I rather use anti-aging, more active products to correct signs of aging. If my skin ever flairs up again, this would be a great option to help hydrate, soothe and calm!


  1. hello beautiful! you know how much i adore Korean cosmetics....because of you! lol. hope you will upload a vid so i can see and hear you! xoxo

  2. The concept of 'The Minimum Skincare' suggests simplicity and efficiency in taking care of your skin. When choosing a monobenzone 20 cream skincare cream, it's crucial to find one that aligns with this minimalistic approach, providing essential nutrients without unnecessary additives. A cream that prioritizes hydration and nourishment can be a key component in achieving a healthy and radiant complexion.

  3. For individuals with certain rare diseases, their skin may be more sensitive or prone to specific conditions that require artizhel careful consideration in their skincare routine. Some rare diseases, for example, may manifest with skin-related symptoms or complications.

    Additionally, certain treatments for rare diseases, such as medications or therapies, can have side effects that affect the skin. In these cases, a minimum skincare routine may involve gentle and hypoallergenic products to avoid exacerbating any skin issues.


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