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10.01.2016 Review

Ok, so I know this is not beauty related but I had such a great experience with GlassesShop that I had to give them a shout out. I am like so many of you out there who wear glasses but I am fortunate enough to only need glasses for reading and computer work. I get terrible headaches from eye strain and lately, those headaches have returned in full force...a huge problem as a blogger and Instablogger. In the past few months, I finally realized that I hadn't had new glasses in years. I have been putting off getting new glasses because glasses are just so expensive. But I needed new glasses so I decided to give online glasses a try. I have seen so many ads about getting good quality prescription eyeglasses online for a fraction of the price but I thought it was too good to be true. My experience has definitely changed my tune.

I decided to use GlassesShop because of their positive reviews, incredible prices and cute styles. I simply picked out a pair of frames and sent in my prescription and boom, done! I used coupon code: GSHOT50 and got 50% off so these glasses only cost $15. They do offer your first pair free but it is only up to a 1.50 prescription strength here. My prescription is over 1.50 so I used the half off code. GlassesShop even offer prescription sunglasses For now, I will just stick to reading/computer glasses. Here are the frames I picked out.

So what do you think? I am not sure about the black frames on my fair skin/light hair combination. I probably should have done more of a tortoise shell colored frame but these are really great quality and sturdy frames. They claim to be doctor's quality and I would highly agree as these are just as good if not better than my previous pairs of eye glasses.

Again, I know this is not a beauty related post but I just wanted to share my experience. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog

Stay Beautiful ❤️


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