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Skincare Tip #2

You have probably the heard the old saying it's easier to prevent than it is to correct! Well, it's very true and especially applies to aging skin amongst many other things. The damage we do in our teens can affect the skin years later! Often times you do not see the damage until it is too late and you are stuck with trying to reverse which believe me, it is very hard! Don't get me wrong, you can reverse some signs of aging, but it can be costly. Laser therapy and peels are not cheap and are some of the only methods to reverse deep set hyper pigmentation or wrinkles. Skin care products can be helpful yes but most of the time, they only work at the top most layers of the skin. The damage caused by the sun is truly skin deep, at the dermis layer that is :) 



Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

I wanted to do a quick review on this mask I purchased from Korea a few months ago!

Innisfree is a natural based line from Korea. I have read numerous reviews on the original volcanic pore mask but saw they came out with a "super" version. I will say that I have never tried the original one so I cannot compare the two.  


Innisfree Review

Awhile back, actually months ago I purchased a ton of products from Korea Depart. I just recently reviewed some of the Innisfree skincare I purchased. Today, I wanted to review some of the other products that I have been using :)

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