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Skincare Tip #2

You have probably the heard the old saying it's easier to prevent than it is to correct! Well, it's very true and especially applies to aging skin amongst many other things. The damage we do in our teens can affect the skin years later! Often times you do not see the damage until it is too late and you are stuck with trying to reverse which believe me, it is very hard! Don't get me wrong, you can reverse some signs of aging, but it can be costly. Laser therapy and peels are not cheap and are some of the only methods to reverse deep set hyper pigmentation or wrinkles. Skin care products can be helpful yes but most of the time, they only work at the top most layers of the skin. The damage caused by the sun is truly skin deep, at the dermis layer that is :) 



Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

I wanted to do a quick review on this mask I purchased from Korea a few months ago!

Innisfree is a natural based line from Korea. I have read numerous reviews on the original volcanic pore mask but saw they came out with a "super" version. I will say that I have never tried the original one so I cannot compare the two.  


Innisfree Review

Awhile back, actually months ago I purchased a ton of products from Korea Depart. I just recently reviewed some of the Innisfree skincare I purchased. Today, I wanted to review some of the other products that I have been using :)



Innisfree: The Minimum Skincare Review

Wow! It's been a long time! Life has been crazy...

Today I want to review some products from Innisfree! To start, the reason I chose to purchase the minimum line from Innisfree is because it is designed for those with sensitive skin. I wouldn't say my skin is sensitive all the time but it can get very irritated and extremely sensitive at times.  The other reason I wanted to try this line because of it is 94% natural derived ingredients!

All of these products do not contain the following:
Animal bi-products
Mineral oil
Acrylamide (cancer causing chemical)
Silicon oil
Formaldehyde (cancer causing chemical)
Synthetic dyes



Skincare Tip #1

Have you noticed any little broken blood vessels on your checks, around your nose, on your chin, or around your mouth?? This can be caused by a few things! Yet, most of the time, it is caused by washing your face with too hot of water!!! Surprised?

Next time you are washing your face, turn down the hot water!!! Remember, it only takes a few minutes to wash your face.  This is especially true for those of you who wash their face in the shower! Steamy showers and face washing do not mix!!! If you are going to wash your face in the shower, turn the hot water down to warm and carefully rinse your face! You will thank me for this advice in 10 years I promise :)


Product Feature:Tony Moly BCDATION

As most of you know,  I am obsessed with Korean beauty products and I love my BB and CC creams, especially The Face Shop Aura compact I picked up a few months ago.  To be honest, I have not tried many products from Tony Moly but after reading about their new foundation, I had to give this brand a try! Today I am going to review the new Tony Moly BCDation!



Korean Skincare Product Review

I wanted to review a few samples that came in my Memebox #2 that I have been really loving lately.

To begin, I should start by updating you on my current skin type as my skin changes with the various seasons.  A few years back I went through a rough patch with my was horrible actually!! My skin was breaking out, red, and very irritated.  It was so embarrassing not only because my face was full of acne, but I am a licensed Esthetician and it was like I didn't know how to take care of my own skin!

However, like most things in life, that time has passed and my skin has recovered minus a few scars.  My skin is mainly combination to oily, slightly sensitive and reactive, but right now with the winter season, I have a few dry areas, mainly around my eyes and mouth.

The first sample is this rich cream from Holika Holika
This cream claims to moisturize and protect, providing 72 hours of hydration.  This contains ceramides which are natural lipids to help skin retain moisture. Ceramides help to lock in moisture and keep the skin plump and supple. Some of the main ingredients are Shea Butter, Green Tea, and Aloe Vera.

As you can see, this cream is extremely dense! It smells amazing too :) This is marketed for sensitive skin because of it's mild ingredients, is also cruelty free, and doesn't contains parabens! Although I cannot use this everyday because it is way too rich, I do like using this as a hydrating night cream every other night to really boost my moisture level.  It feels very soothing and calming to the skin without being sticky or oily feeling, if that makes sense!! This would be an excellent option for someone who has dehydrated or dry skin. I am not sure if I would purchase a full size but I do think it a very nice, good quality cream!



Korea Depart Haul!!

Back in January, I made an order on Korea Depart's website and did a little damage!! Today's post is showing you the products I purchased.  If you would like to hear more in-depth, detailed reviews on any of these products just leave a comment below :)


Innisfree is a brand that I have been more and more interested in because of it's naturally based ingredients.  I picked up a few items (to say the least) to try out and review for you all after I have had a chance to use them!  First is this Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.  This stuff is heavy duty, a new addition to the Jeju line for Innisfree.  This product claims to detox, exfoliate, and deep cleanse pores while absorbing sebum (oil) and tightens skin.
Ingredient List
Next up, three products from the new Minimum Line from Innsifree.  This particular line is targeted toward those with sensitive skin....

 First, the ampoule essence, with is a light weight serum to treat sensitive and blemish prone skin.


Memebox 3rd Edition Unboxing

Woohoo, a new blog post for you all today!! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!  I took some time off as the holidays are a busy time for me at work.  I also had tons of holiday gatherings and such to attend, thus, not leaving much extra time for blogging or Youtube!

However, one Christmas gift I received this year from my fiancĂ© (oh and I forgot to tell you all that I got engaged!!) was a subscription service from Memebox, a Korean beauty box :-) What an amazing gift…as you all know I am obsessed with Korean beauty products and what an amazing gift to give to a Korean product junkie :)  There are so many companies now out there that offer monthly subscriptions beauty boxes but none that are solely dedicated to Korean products! 

So, how Memebox works is there are specific editions you can purchase, this is NOT a reoccurring monthly subscription like Birch Box! You can choose which edition(s) you want to purchase but they are limited, so ordering when they launch is recommended! You are notified by email when each new box is available. Each box is $21 USD plus a $7 USD shipping charge.  However, with each purchased box, you receive 7 points, which equals 7 dollars, so really, you are reimbursed for the shipping cost! You can use your points to purchase future boxes or to purchase full size products off their website, sort of like Birch Box.  

To begin, the presentation is fantastic.  Each box is carefully packaged and includes a full detailed product card as most of the actually products are all in Korean! The card gives you detailed information about the product and correct usage. Each box includes handpicked items by beauty experts in Korea and from the #1 beauty TV show, "Get It Beauty"!

Ok, so now on to the products!!

Papa Recipe Princess Lip Gel Patch (Full Size)

This is just like a mask for the face but for the lips to nourish and moisturize!

Dr. Jart V7 Eye Serum (Full Size)

This eye serum is designed for sensitive eyes and includes 7 vitamins to brighten and decrease puffiness :-) So excited to try this with my Opal!

Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Eye Liner
Deep Black (Full Size)

Pretty self explanatory but I'm excited to try this as Korean eye liners are the best out there in my opinion.
Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red (Deluxe Sample)

This is Korean's best selling lip tint in a red color, perfect to achieve that gradient lip look :)

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