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Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion

I am about the finish a new body lotion that I picked up at awhile ago and wanted to review it for you because I am completely in love!

First a little background....overall my skin is super dry, itchy, flakey with bouts of eczema from the chest down! From the chest up it's another story :)  I have tried so many lotions and body butters from drugstore to high end to all natural. So while browsing around on iHerb I noticed this lotion and decided to purchase.  

What intrigued me most about this lotion aside from it being completely vegan, organic and fair trade was the firming claim.  If this lotion could help to firm my skin, especially the thigh area (you know what I talking about ladies) then it would be worth gold! 

Meet Acure Organics Firming Body Lotion with lemongrass and moroccan argan oil.  Evening primrose, cranberry and roseships help tighten while argan oil and cocoa butter moisturize.  It retails for $9 for an 8oz / 240ml tube! So does it work??


Caudalie Review

Awhile ago, well about a month ago I was buying a few things for a friend at Sephora and I picked up one of the 500 point Beauty Insider perks by Caudalie.

Caudalie's Beauty Essentials

This collection are Caudalie's Top Picks.  This includes the Cleansing Water, Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum and Vinoperfecting Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15.


bareMinerals Ready Foundation SPF 20

image courtesy of beauty junkie unite
Yes, you heard it right!! bareMinerals will be launching a new pressed foundation!!!! YAY ^.^ It's about time right!! Launching next month in September the new foundation will include two makeup brushes, the Precision Face Brush one of which will be retractable for on the go touch up. 

What is it?

It's a hydrating solid mineral foundation with SeaNutrtive Mineral Complex.  This complex includes  a highly concentrated, mineral- rich algae and seaweed with antioxidants, cold-pressed rose hip seed oil which contains vitamin A that helps accelerate cell turnover along with vitamins C and E for a healthy looking and firmer looking complexion.


Skincare 101 Pt. 1

One of the biggest and most common questions I get on a daily basis is how to achieve great skin! People search high and low and spend so much money to find the perfect skin care regime.  But what is great skin??

Although the right facial products will improve your skin, it is what you put into your body that really counts!! The skin is the largest organ in your body and in order for it to function properly, you need to feed it properly!

Ok, so you are probably saying to yourself "yeah yeah" or "whatever"but it is so true! What you feed your body will have much more of an effect on your skin and overall health.  You can use the most expensive creams and serums but if you are not eating a well balanced diet you are basically throwing your money away!

A little background....I have been a licensed Esthetician for over 10+ years (Wow...that really dates me) and I have taken many extended education and advanced skincare courses to help further my knowledge of the skin.  Yet the best teaching I have received regarding the skin has been from my Chinese doctor and acupuncturist!
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